Academic Advising at BHSU - Rapid City

If you are a current student taking classes at BHSU - Rapid City and need advice on which classes to take this semester, let us know!  Stop by the Administrative Offices at BHSU-RC M-F from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, call us at 605-718-4373, or send us an email at to set up an advising appointment.

Have your completed fewer than 60 credit hours? If so, you are required to meet with either your program advisor, with an advisor during one of the group advising sessions, or your BHSU Rapid City advisor before registering for classes.

  • Why is advising a key component of the registration process? Meeting with an advisor will save you time, money and energy, and will strengthen your education. Simple as that.
  • How can a faculty advisor who is specific to my program of study help me during and after registration? Faculty advisors can help you choose classes that are appropriate for your education as they are aware of class rotations and workloads of classes. They can also help you think about how your courses and degree program connect with your career interests and goals, and can aid you in internship opportunity searches, career planning, scholarship searches and much more.
  • If I am required to meet with an advisor because I have completed fewer than 60 credit hours, how do I end my advising hold? Your specified faculty advisor and/or academic advisor can end your advising hold once you have met with one of them.
  • Can I attend the group advising sessions even if the advisor is not my specified faculty advisor? How will my advising hold be ended then? Yes, you can attend any of the group advising sessions that are specific to your program of study! If the advisor guiding the session is not your specified advisor, you can have him/her sign an “advising passport” card (available in the Admin Office of the BHSU-RC), which you can then return to your advisor to have the advising hold ended.
  • How do I know who my advisor is? You can identify your advisor by going to “My Profile” within the Students Menu in WebAdvisor.  If you are taking classes at BHSU-RC, you will likely have two advisors assigned, a faculty advisor who is specific to your program of study and a general BHSU - Rapid City advisor. You may meet with either your faculty advisor or Rapid City advisor.  Note, however, the benefits of meeting with a faculty advisor!


Whitney Bischoff (605-718-4197), or Chuck Knauer (605-718-4077) are available to assist with planning your degree program and organizing your plan of study.

Select faculty advisers will  be hosting group advising sessions prior to and during pre-registration times to help students arrange their spring/summer schedules, get registered for classes and prepare for future semesters.

Status sheets are also available to assist with advising needs.  These sheets list the general education requirements and the major requirements for each degree that is offered. When used in conjunction with course rotations and class schedules status sheets are very valuable tools in planning your program with or without an advisor.


Dr. Lisbeth Leagjeld (605-718-4148) is available to assist and advise you in planning your Masters in Counseling and Human Resource Development as well as Masters of Education Administration of Student Affairs program.

Moneik Stephens (605-718-4145) is available to assist and advise undergraduate SDSU students taking classes online and at BHSU-RC.

Gale Folsland (605-394-6709) is available to assist and advise you in planning your Nursing degree.

Valeriah Big Eagle (605-394-2884) Diversity Outreach and Engagement Coordinator College of Nursing

More information about advising can be found on the Off-Campus Center's page:


The University of South Dakota is committed to helping you plan your degree to completion.  

Please contact the Department of Continuing and Distance Education at 605-677-6240 or the Department of Online and Continuing Education at 605-626-2568.

More information about advising can be found on the USD Academic Advising page.