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Room Rentals

Black Hills State University - Rapid City provides a variety of functional meeting spaces for trainings, seminars, workshops, and conferences in an architecturally elegant and technologically sophisticated building. The 59,000-square foot facility has 33 rooms for groups ranging in size from 8 to 100.

In addition, BHSU-RC has wireless Internet access throughout and is fully equipped with state-of-the-art telecommunications capability, two teaching computer labs, and full-time, on-site technical assistance.

BHSU-RC offers abundant free parking and convenient accessibility to the Rapid City Regional Airport, downtown Rapid City, major hotels, restaurants, and Interstate-90.

The beautiful yet professional setting at BHSU-RC is conducive to working, teaching, and learning. Ensure the success of your next meeting or training session by hosting it at BHSU-RC.

Room Types and Sizes

Seminar Rooms

The seminar rooms at BHSU-RC are perfect for a small, intimate meeting. Our seminar rooms can accommodate 8-12 people and come equipped with a 60” LCD TV for computer or DVD/VCR presentations.


The classrooms at BHSU-RC are arranged in an instructional setup but can be adjusted to suit your meeting and training needs. Our classrooms can accommodate 24-63 people. Each classroom is equipped with an instructor computer and laptop hook-up, document camera, and DVD/VCR, all connected to a LCD projector. Each desk has power outlets built in so that you can charge your electronic device while learning.

Computer Labs

BHSU-RC features a training tool seldom found at most conference centers—instructional computer labs. Our 30-seat PC lab and 28-seat Mac lab are perfect for training your staff on the latest software. The computers come loaded with Microsoft Office Professional 2010, but our on-site staff can also install software or training materials your company requires.

Tiered Lecture Hall

BHSU-RC is perfect for large gatherings as well. We have a tiered lecture hall that can accommodate 100 people. This room is equipped with video-conferencing capability as well as a large projection screen for PowerPoint presentations and videos, as well as a public address system with wireless microphones that allow everyone in the room to feel like they are in the front row.

Video-Conferencing Rooms

In addition to the lecture hall, BHSU-RC has five other rooms with video-conferencing capabilities. Our video-conferencing rooms can accommodate 14-40 people. An iPad programmed to the room’s conferencing system provides users the ability to access a complete range of video-conferencing technologies including automated cameras and a microphone system.

If you have any questions or would like to reserve a room at the BHSU - Rapid City, please call 605.718.4197 or email BHSURCEvents@bhsu.edu.


Reserve Now

Rooms available: seating capacity varies between rooms. Typical classroom set up can be rearranged.

Board of Regents*
Non-Profit, School Districts, Gov.
Private entities and individuals
 Basic Academic Classrooms:

· Instructor computer / laptop hook up

· Data projector

· DVD/VCR player

· Document camera

· Whiteboard wall rooms 101, 102, 104, 105, 108, 120, 124,

128, 201, 202, 204, 205, 206, 208

 No charge  $30 an hour  $35 an hour


Specialty rooms that have the same attributes as the basic academic classrooms plus:


Computer labs: room 103- Mac Computers, room 106- PC Computers.

Check with IT for specific software needs. 
No charge  0-4 hours = $150 $45 / hr thereafter   0-4 hours = $285 $45 / hr thereafter

Tiered Lecture Hall, room 111/112

· Video conferencing/DDN

· Handheld or lapel microphone 
 No charge  0-4 hours = $150 $45 / hr thereafter  0-4 hours = $285 $45 / hr thereafter

Video Conferencing / DDN classrooms:

rooms 113, 127, 218 
 No charge  0-4 hours = $60 $30 / hr thereafter  0-4 hours = $100 $30 / hr thereafter

Video Conferencing / DDN classroom with a

SMARTBoard, room 127 
 No charge  0-4 hours = $125 $45 / hr thereafter  $230 – 0-4 hours $45 / hr thereafter

Professional Video Conferencing / DDN classroom with a SMARTBoard,

room 218. (carpeted and more configurable) 
 No charge  $150 – 0-4 hours $45 / hr thereafter  $285 – 0-4 hours $45 / hr thereafter


Specialty rooms that do not have the basic academic classroom attributes:


Conference rooms 200, 209, 210, 211

· 60” TV for computer or DVD/VCR input

· Laptop hook up

No charge $60 – 0-4 hours $30 / hr thereafter $100 – 0-4 hours $30 / hr thereafter

Atrium – up to 3 tables

  Atrium – 4 tables or more  

No charge No charge   $40 – 0-4 hours $20 / hr thereafter $80 – 0-4 hours $20 / hr thereafter  $60 – 0-4 hours $30 / hr thereafter $110 – 0-4 hours $30 / hr thereafter
  • There will be additional fees ($50 an hour) for use outside of the regular building hours.
  • Black and white copies are $.08 each page and color copies are $.25 each page.
  • Black tablecloths are available for use at $2 each. Having food catered will be an automatic charge for 2 tablecloths.
  • Reservations must be made 2 business days in advance and if you need to store supplies there may be a storage fee applied.
  • Video Conferencing across the State is possible with DDN rooms. This requires an additional reservation and fee with DDN, please contact: 605-773-3333. You will need the room number we have reserved for you.
  • Coffee and snacks are available for purchase on site from the bookstore.

*All BOR affiliated student groups and organizations. If there is a registration fee for your event, you will be charged a regular room fee.