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Black Hills State University provides a variety of services for service members, veterans, and dependents including:

Veterans Resource Coordinator

Greg Krajewski is the Veterans Resource Coordinator at BHSU.   His office is located in Woodburn Hall, RM 134.   As the Veterans Resource Coordinator, he can assist you with applying for Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA), State Tuition Reimbursement, GI Bill® education entitlements or other VA education benefits.   Each year Greg has to take at least 5 hours worth of training, and attend a School Certifying Official conference to stay qualified as an SCO.

Contact info:   Greg Krajewski – PH:  605-642-6415.  Click here to go to the Veterans Affair webpage

NOTE:  As a veteran or dependent at BHSU you are welcome to use the Veterans Center as a place to socialize and study with other veterans.   Please visit us in the Student Union next to Club Buzz.

Financial Aid Support

The Financial Aid representative for military students at BHSU is Kim Nida.     Her office is located in Woodburn Hall, RM  114.  As a financial Aid Representative Kim is trained to work with active military students on all their financial aid needs and can answer any of your questions as it relates to financial aid or tuition assistance.

Contact info:    -  Kim Nida - PH:  605-642-6113.   Click here to go to the Financial Aid webpage.

Academic Support

Here at BHSU you have access to a variety of academic assistance programs including the Math CenterWriting CenterStudent Support Services, and individualized tutoring and advising. 

We also have Recruiting and Retention specialists who can assist you with getting your current class schedule set up or they can help you plan your future classes schedule to achieve your education goals.  They can also offer you career guidance as it relates to getting a resume developed so that you can compete for jobs when you are done with your education goals.

Contact info for Academic Advisers:   Dana Weber, PH:   605-642-6277,  Jannette Hettick, PH:  605-642-6934,  Clarissa Thompson, PH 605-642-6270, Melissa Woodall, PH:  605-642-6132.  Click here to go the R&R website.

Disability Services

  • Disability Services at BHSU offers academic accommodations for individuals diagnosed with a disability, and assists with the requirements of being on a State or Federal Vocational Rehabilitation program. 
  • Disability Services at BHSU can also assist you with testing needs.
  • Disability Services is located Lower Level of EY Berry Library - Learning Center, Office #003.   The Disabilities Liaison, can be reached by calling 642-6099 or through email at  Click here to go to the Disability Services webpage or click here to go to the Testing webpage.

Health Services

BHSU and Student Health Services are committed to high quality health care for our students at the most reasonable cost possible.

To make an appointment contact our office by calling 605-642-6520.   Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8am-noon and 1pm-5pm.   Our office is located in the basement of the student union.   RM #Room 006

NOTE:   Upon acceptance to BHSU you will need to provide immunization documentation.  If you do not have it, download the Immunization and Medical History form, complete it and fax it to Student Health Services at (605) 642-6194.   If you have a DD-214 (member copy 4) you can get a waiver for your immunizations.   Just email a copy to

General Counseling

Black Hills State University Counseling Center provides on-campus counseling to currently enrolled students.     Here are the specific services we provide:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Success Coaching and Wellness Programming
  • Select Group Counseling Services / Support Groups
  • Drug and Alcohol Education (CHOICES Program)

Contact info:

Counseling Center - After Hours -   PH:  605-641-6988
Website:  Click here
Walk Ins:Go to the Health Services Desk to schedule an appointment

Public Safety 8:00AM - 5:00PM - PH:   605-642-6297

Public Safety - After Hours - PH:  605-641-6988

Career Counseling

Hans Nelson is the Career Counselor at BHSU.   As a Career Adviser he can assist you by helping you create your professional portfolio to land your next job, internship or career. 

 to go to the Jacket Jobs website.

Child Care Services
The Little Jacket Learning center is here to provide critical family support while you are pursuing your college degree.   Learn more about the childcare services available to students at BHSU.