Quality photographic images are critical for first impressions, whether they are on a web page, a brochure, or a book.

Consider what images might appeal best to your audience. Is a group photo of your faculty really relevant to a high school student? Will a potential donor be moved by a distant shot of a speaker at a podium? Will alumni be impressed by bored-looking attendees at a luncheon? People should be depicted in plausible settings, engaged in some pursuit, or be posed naturally.

Sources of Photography

The Marketing and Communications Office maintains a supply of photos for the use of various projects. Photos are for use only in promoting BHSU, and may not be used by any off campus entity without permission from the Marketing and Communications Office.

The Marketing and Communications Office will arrange for a photographer for University events or projects when asked and a photographer is available. Contact to request a photographer.

If you are searching for older or historic photos please visit the BHSU archives located on the second floor of the library. Contact the BHSU Archives director Lori Terrill at or go to the BHSU Archives website.