Color is an important component of the University’s identity. Color should be used carefully and matched to maintain consistency in all Black Hills State University communications.

The official colors are:

    Green CMYK- C=99 M=34 Y=100 K=29
  Pantone Solid Coated 349
  RGB- R=0 G=98 B=51
  Hexadecimal (web version)- #006233

  CMYK- C=0, M=22, Y=92, K=0
  Pantone Solid Coated 123
  RGB- R=255 G=199 B=38
  Hexadecimal (web version)- #FFC726


Consistent use of typography is the foundation for our visual identity. Two type families, a serif and a san serif font, have been carefully selected for our visual identity guidelines: Palatino Linotype and Trebuchet MS. Secondary fonts can be used depending on the audience for specific publications. Such as Bebas Neue:

The official typeface Palatino Linotype is also recommended for signage and body copy of official publications.

Examples of the fonts used at BHSU

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