IMPORTANT: Please read the guidelines below before using logos. 

Please ensure that you are following BHSU branding guidelines before using the logo. Below are some of the main rules to follow, but you can download and read through the entire branding guidelines by clicking the link below.


Download Full Branding Guide              Download Logo Quick Guide Printout


Please contact Marketing and Communications if you need logos in a different format or if you have logo usage questions.

PLEASE NOTE: The Marketing and Communications reserves the right to make exceptions to any and all of the branding guidelines and rules when deemed necessary. Any other department, organization, or person(s) that uses the Black Hills State University logos or is representing the university in any visual capacity must follow the branding guidelines. 



Quick Rules of Logo Usage

Primary Logo The primary logo should be prominent and be immediately noticeable on all publications and online communications. The primary logo should be placed on the front cover of all publications such as brochures, displays, newsletters, and magazines which represent the academic and administrative units of the university. 
Secondary Logos The BHSU primary logo should be the most prominent logo. Secondary logos or symbols for colleges, divisions, departments, centers, or any other university organization create confusion for the audience. It is important that additonal logos be used smaller, as a secondary identity. 
Logo Size The logo should be used in a size large enough to ensure legibility. Check specific size requirements for publications and communications below. The logo may be reduced or enlarged proportionally, but the relationship of the elements may not be distorted, altered or modifed in any way. 

The trademark symbol () should be visible on all forms of the BHSU primary/secondary logos where the brand symbol (BH) is present. The placement of the () is to the bottom right of the brand symbol. 

*Cetrain exceptions may apply, but will only be decided by the Marketing & Communications Office.


This is the primary logo for the university. There is a vertical version and a horizontal version. The logo is made up of the brand symbol and the word mark.


This is the brand symbol which makes up half of the full BHSU logo. The brand symbol can be used by itself (without the primary logo) on publications as long as “Black Hills State University” is prominently written out somewhere on the front of the publication.



Make sure that you are always using the correct logo files that have the “TM” trademark to the lower right of the brand symbol. You must have permission from the Marketing and Communications office to use the logo without the “TM” and that will only be granted in rare cases.



  • 11”x17” publications should have a minimum logo size of 2” wide.

  • 8.5”x11” publications should have a minimum logo size of 1.5” wide.

  • Publications smaller than 8.5”x11” should never be less than 1.25” wide.

  • Larger or smaller minimum sizes may be necessary for other media such as video and film, or products that require specialized manufacturing. If you feel you need to use the logo smaller or have questions about extra-large files, contact the Marketing & Communications Office for assistance.



We don’t want to confuse or complicate our branding, so we need to protect the integrity of our logo. Adequate empty space around the logo, free from all other graphic elements, gives it maximum clarity. The gray area in the examples below is known as the exclusion zone. This is how much empty space should be surrounding each logo. 

For the vertical primary logo, the exclusion zone has been calculated by simply using the proportional size of the brand symbol and placing it around each side of the logo.

For the horizontal primary logo, the exclusion zone has been calculated by simply using the proportional size of the width of the “H” and placing it around each side of the logo.

For the brand symbol when used alone, the exclusion zone has been calculated by simply using the height of the bowl in the “B” and placing it around each side of the logo.

Logo Treatment

The logo must be used as is and not altered in any way. This applies to the primary, secondary, and the entire logo family for BHSU.

This means that you must not:

  1. Change the logo orientation.

  2. Disproportionately scale or resize the logo.

  3. Change logo’s colors that are not BHSU green, yellow, white or black.

  4. Display the logo with color combinations not previously specified.

  5. Display the logo in a configuration not previously specified.

  6. Alter the corners, strokes, spacing and components of the logo.

  7. Attempt to recreate the logo.

  8. Add special effects to the logo.

  9. Add an outline to the logo or display the logo as an outline.

  10. Use the logo on top of a busy background if it diminishes the legibility of the logo.

  11. Display the logo with other elements in the logo’s exclusion zone.

  12. Display the logo on backgrounds that clash with the primary colors on the logo.


Sting, the Yellow Jacket mascot, may be used in addition to but not as a replacement for the official logo on most publications. Specific departments, athletics, alumni, and student organizations, may choose to use the mascot rather than the logo as long as the words “Black Hills State University” are prominently included. Other departments and organizations may use the mascot in conjunction with the official logo.

The Yellow Jacket should not be changed or altered without seeking approval of minor modifications from Michael Jastorff, University Bookstore 605.642.6279


The Black Hills State University seal should be used only on official documents, such as:

•  Diplomas
•  Certificates
•  Awards
•  Applications

If you wish to use the seal for official University documents, please contact the Marketing office for the file at 605.642.6215.


Below are the download links for the different types of logos available for people to use. Each download link includes a ZIP file with several color options and file types of that specific logo version in them. You will need to remember to right-click on the ZIP file and select "Extract All" to be able to access the logo files.

If you would like to download all of the available logo files at once, click the "Download All Logo Files" button below. 


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