Colors and Fonts

Color is an important component of the University’s identity. Color should be used carefully and matched to maintain consistency in all Black Hills State University communications.

The official colors are:

    Green CMYK- C=99 M=34 Y=100 K=29
  Pantone Solid Coated 349
  RGB- R=0 G=98 B=51
  Hexadecimal (web version)- #006233

  CMYK- C=0, M=22, Y=92, K=0
  Pantone Solid Coated 123
  RGB- R=255 G=199 B=38
  Hexadecimal (web version)- #FFC726

Consistent use of typography is the foundation for our visual identity. Two type families, a serif and a san serif font, have been carefully selected for our visual identity guidelines: Palatino Linotype and Trebuchet MS. Secondary fonts can be used depending on the audience for specific publications. Such as Bebas Neue:

Examples of the fonts used at BHSU

The official typeface Palatino Linotype is also recommended for signage and body copy of official publications.

Examples of the fonts used at BHSU