Enjoy a room with a view at BHSU.

BHSU Residence Halls

Why live on campus?
  • It gives you an opportunity to integrate with many students from all backgrounds, with different values, interests, and abilities!
  • Research shows that students who reside on campus have a higher percentage of completing their college program than those living off campus!
  • It is a great opportunity to develop "people skills" which are so essential for success in your chosen field.
  • Residence Hall living places you near all university resources and activities which enable you to become a part of your university!
  • Residence Hall living enables you to develop close personal relationships that can result in friendships that last a lifetime!

Five residence halls and the Yellow Jacket Apartments provide housing for students. All of our residence halls are co-ed. Our halls are Bordeaux, Heidepriem, Thomas, Humbert, and Wenona Cook.

Each hall has a Hall Director who is responsible for the daily operations of the residence hall. Your Hall Director is present to help and guide you, and will assist you with problems that may occur in your living community.  Each wing has a student Resident Assistant. Your RA will be of valuable help to you in answering questions and acquainting you with the hall and other residents through Community Foundations.

Room sizes for Humbert, Thomas, and Heidepriem are 14' x 12'. Wenona Cook has a variety of room sizes since some rooms will accommodate up to three people.  Average size 14' x 19'.

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  • BHSU has 56, two bedroom Yellow Jacket Apartments. Apartments are unfurnished except for beds, air-conditioners, and a full kitchen. To apply, designate on the Contract for Room and Board, which is mailed after a student has been accepted to BHSU, your preference to live in a Yellow Jacket Apartment. Yellow Jacket Apartments are reserved for students 19 or older.
  • All of the Residence Halls at BHSU are co-ed. This means that men and women share the same living facility and that mixed-gender visitation is permitted throughout the building. Heidepriem and Thomas are located on the west side of campus, built around the same time, and are structurally similar. Heidepriem and Thomas have built in closets and desks. Wenona-Cook (WC) is our oldest hall (built in 1899), and has recently been renovated. Room sizes in WC are generally bigger, and have new desks and wardrobes. Parking is limited around WC, so students residing in WC have to park down in the Young Center parking lot. Humbert hall is a smaller residence hall that will be comprised of all larger single rooms billed at the DAS rate and guarantees a student his/her own room in the residence hall.
  • Room sizes for Humbert, Thomas, and Heidepriem are 14' X 12'. Wenona Cook has a variety of room sizes since some rooms will accommodate up to three people. Average size 14' X 19'.
  • Appeal forms can be found at Online Housing Appeal.

    A student wishing to appeal should read and understand the Housing Contract Exemption & Appeal Process. Please print and complete the appropriate forms for your individual situation and return them to the Residence Life office.
  • Each Residence Hall does have a kitchen facility that includes a stove/oven, microwave oven, sink, and refrigerator.
  • The room assignment a student receives is the best Residence Life can do to accommodate a student's preference. If you are interested in moving, let your hall director or the hall director of the building you wish to move into know--he/she will put you on their waiting list. The hall director will inform you if a room opens up. Room changes are not allowed during the first two weeks of each semester. Your hall director must authorize room changes—a room change form must be filled out when you change rooms. The hall director of the building you want to move to handles moves between halls.
  • Basic Extended Cable services is automatically provided to your room.
  • Residence hall rooms are wired for internet access. Each room has two Ethernet connections, which require an Ethernet network card to be installed on your computer. All of our residence halls are also set up with a wireless network.
  • We at Residence Life want your room to feel like your home. While painting or any permanent decorations are not allowed, we do encourage posters, curtains, pictures of family and friends, or any other decorations that will help you to make your room your own. If you are unsure whether or not something can be put up in your room, ask your RA, they're always there to help!
  • Telephone, fans, rugs or carpet, under bed storage bins, microwaves--must be UL600 or under, TV, refrigerator--less than 3.6 cubic feet, computer, bedding (extra long twin sheets-36X80, see Campus Linen Offer), couch or chairs, stereo, and items to decorate with.
  • We are an organization of people like yourself, designed to answer your questions about living in the residence halls and to involve you, the residents, in various services and activities in and around the campus.
    Represent all on-campus students. 
    Provide leadership training and opportunities.
    Acts as a liaison between the on-campus students and Residence Life.
    Promote residence hall experience through community and programs.
    Provide input for the Residence Life Standards of Living.
    Recognize corporate and individual achievement in the residence halls.
    Sponsors gift baskets and linens as fundraisers.
    Represents BHSU on a local, state, regional, and national level.
    At the beginning of the year each hall seeks out students who are interested in being part of the community council as Wing Reps. Officer positions are generally elected in the spring semester.
  • Residence Life is generally looking for Resident Assistants in December for spring semester and March for fall semester. A student desiring to be an RA must have live-in residence hall or related experience for a period equivalent to one academic semester and must have earned a minimum of twenty-four semester hours prior to employment. In order to sign RA contract (thus allow employment), the applicant must be currently registered for classes and carrying a cumulative GPA of at least 2.25. Residence Life encourages all students seeking RA employment to get involved in their hall's community council.
  • Each wing in the residence halls has a Resident Assistant (RA), an undergraduate student who serves as a resource person to the residents of the floor. The RA is in a position to guide the community toward an understanding and implementation of individual and group responsibility and accountability based upon mutual expectations and desires. The entire staff works cooperatively in creating an environment conductive to personal growth and academic achievement.
  • South Dakota Board of Regent Policy requires unmarried students to live on-campus during their first two years of school. Specifically, the policy reads as follows: "During the first two years when they were or would have graduated from high school, all unmarried students who enroll in courses delivered on the main campus for six (6) credit hours or more are required to enter into a housing agreement with the institution unless special permission to room elsewhere is received."
  • Residence Life has 5 Standards of Living. Standards of Living are specifically designed to optimize living conditions in the residence halls. BHSU is a dry campus, no alcohol is permitted on BHSU property.
  • Yes, our refund policy is based on a percentage that reduces as the semester proceeds. Please email or call our office (605) 642-6464 to determine the amount of refund you'd receive depending on the date you plan to withdraw.
  • Room deposits are refundable if notice of contract cancellation is postmarked and mailed to the Department of Residence Life no later than July 1 for contracts beginning Fall Semester and December 1 for contracts beginning Spring Semester.
  • Students who have graduated, have left to student teach, have married, have completed their pre-professional programs, are under academic suspension, or have received a “financial hardship release” (from the department of Residence Life) are eligible for a deposit refund. Such students must notify the Residence Life Office in writing and request that their deposit be refunded. Students leaving the residence facilities for any other reason during the contract term are NOT eligible for a deposit refund. Failure to fulfill the terms and conditions of the agreement, return keys, or pay University fines will cause partial or full forfeiture of the deposit.
  • Bicycle racks are available outside each residence hall. We do not allow bicycles to be hung from room ceilings or walls, but with roommates permission a bicycle can be stored in your room.
  • The business office consolidates all your BHSU bills (except parking, books, campus apartments). A student may choose to pay their bill early by check or credit. Or, a students pays at Fee Payment, which takes place at the beginning of each semester. Students expecting financial aid or scholarships generally pay during Fee Payment.
  • *There are a limited number of Single rooms at BHSU. We do not honor Double as Single rooms until after the first 2 weeks of school, as we need to verify that we have adequate housing for all students that desire to live on campus.
  • Residence Life assigns rooms based on priority (first-come first-serve basis). A student's priority date is the date Residence Life receives a student's CONTRACT and DEPOSIT. The priority system allows us to be fair in assigning rooms. We take a look at your priority of preferences (Roommate, Hall, or Smoking) and do our best to fulfill your preferences. If you did not get the hall or roommate you requested, it is due to your priority of preference and the availability of your requests.

    Two important steps a student can do to increase the chance of receiving their requests:
    1. Housing information is sent out after a student has been accepted to BHSU. So, apply early to BHSU, then return the contract and deposit as soon as possible after receiving it.
    2. Priority dates for students who's roommate preference is priority one, is the date Residence Life has received both roommate contracts. So, send both contracts and deposits in together.
    HINT: Residence Life's ability to accommodate room preference decreases significantly after March. Also, the deadline for Scholarship Applications is March 1st.
  • Residence Life will hand out room and roommate assignments during summer NSR (New Student Registration) sessions. It is highly recommended that each incoming freshman and transfer attend a summer NSR session. But, if you are unable to attend a summer NSR session, you may get your room and roommate assignment by phone, (605) 642-6464
  • BHSU has 8, two bedroom apartments designated for families and married students. The apartments are unfurnished except for an electric stove, refrigerator, and air conditioner. To apply, complete Apartment Application
  • Each double room is furnished with two adjustable height beds, while beds can be bunked they are not made to be lofted, two dressers, two desks, and two chairs. FYI, each room has a sink and mirror, tile floors (Heidepriem and Thomas Hall have carpet floors), and mini blinds on windows.

The Peaks

The Peaks is the three building complex of Heidepriem Hall, Thomas Hall, and Bordeaux Hall. The three residence halls are joined together by the Lookout Lodge room.

Bordeaux Hall

The Bordeaux Hall is the newest residence hall on campus. The nearly 50,000-square-foot residence hall connects two existing halls, Heidepriem and Thomas, with a central living area that is the resident life hub for all three buildings. It includes a two-story great room, residential kitchen for student use, fireplace, a snack area and multi-media study rooms.

Heidepriem Hall

Heidepriem Hall, or "Heide" as it is commonly known, is the largest co-ed residence hall on the BHSU campus with room for 154 residents. Residents in Heide often spend their time just hanging out with one another. Heide holds many amenities like the cooking area on the second floor, and the TV lounge and ping-pong table on the first floor. Both places are perfect for spending time with friends. Heide is comprised of 2 male wings and 4 female wings, all of which conveniently house their own washer and dryers. Living in Heide will also give you easy access to the Disc Golf course, the large campus green, and beautiful scenery. Whatever your interests are, there is a place for you in Heide.

Thomas Hall

Thomas Hall, or "T-Hall" as it is commonly referred to, is one of the larger co-ed residence halls with capacity for 152 residents. Thomas Hall is a great place to make any student feel comfortable in the college setting because of the large recreation lounge, study lounge, and TV/movie lounge. Students who live in Thomas have a great experience with all that is offered by their fun and dynamic staff. Thomas Hall will be a staple of your college experience!


Humbert Hall

Humbert is conveniently located across the street from the Student Union. This residence hall is a close-knit community building, housing 80+ students. Laundry services are provided on the 1st floor and the 2nd floor houses a kitchen combined with a TV/Movie lounge area. The Residence Life Office is also located on the first floor, with a separate outside entrance.

Wenona Cook Hall

Wenona Cook, or “Dub-C” as it is commonly referred to, is BHSU’s oldest residence hall. Named after the wife of BHSU's first President, Wenona Cook personifies the historic beauty of our campus. Residents of Wenona Cook enjoy a very close proximity to Lyle Hare Stadium and many other great areas on the BHSU campus.

What we offer in the residence halls:

  • LIVE-ON REQUIREMENT: All students within 2 years of their high school graduation date are required to live on campus. See Res Life Staff for possible exceptions.
  • INTERNET CONNECTION IN ROOMS: Each room is equipped with high speed internet (Wireless and Ethernet) at no additional charge. The Residence Life Network (ResNet) is an internet service that provides a reliable connection for students in the residence halls and campus suites. In order to connect to ResNet, users must meet minimum system requirements. Requirements are enforced by a system called Clean Access Agent that checks for anti-virus, patches, and other security-related updates. For more info please visit: http://www.bhsu.edu/iits/Services/Network/ResNet
  • CABLE TV: Bring your own television to access extended basic cable that is available in each room. 
  • LAUNDRY: Each residence hall has washers and dryers available for students. You can pay for laundry with either your Buzz card or change. 
  • KITCHENETTES: Every Residence Hall is equipped with a kitchenette area that includes a stove, refrigerator, microwave, and sink.
  • TV/VCR/DVD: In the lobby areas of each Residence Hall there is a TV and DVD that is available for resident use. (50' Full HD Flatscreen) 

Furniture Measurements
  3 Drawer Dresser  37" x 30" 
  Twin Bed (extra long sheets)  79" long 
  Window (for curtains)  45" x 56" 
  Wardrobe w/ Overhead Storage - Wenona Cook, Heidepriem & Thomas  34" x 65" 
  Shared Closet - Humbert   



All rooms have (per person): 

  • 3 drawer dresser
  • Sink (shared
  • Twin Bed (extra long)
  • Wooden Chair
  • Desk 
  • Wardrobe with Overhead Storage
    ***Humbert - Shared Closet w/ Overhead Storage

Suite Style Living

Picture 002.jpgThe Yellow Jacket Apartments are the perfect option for students over the age of 19 who need a little more privacy but still want to stay connected to the exciting environment of campus living. Living in the suites does work to fulfill the two year live-on requirement. There is a focus on sustainability at the campus suites our programs promote residents to make eco-friendly choices.  

The Set Up:
There are eight buildings (one which is set aside for family housing), each building is comprised of eight suites. Every suite is set-up to house three students: one in the single bedroom and two in the double bedroom. The living room and kitchen area are open to each other giving a spacious feel to the living space. The three roommates share a generous sized bathroom. There is a laundry room located in each building. All suites are furnished with a couch, beds, dressers, an air-conditioner, and a full kitchen. Suites designed for students with disabilities are available.

Each suite has 790 square feet of living space and is heated with thermostatic controlled hot water heat.  Rooms are carpeted, except for the kitchen area and bathroom.  The single bedroom is approximately 11'3" x 10' with a small closet and the double bedroom is 11' x 12' plus a walk-in closet.  The living room is 13'6" wide.  Parking spaces are conveniently located.  Annual parking permits are required.  No boats, campers, trailers, etc. will be allowed in the parking lot. 

What to look forward to:  

  • A community space built with sustainable products in mind. Residents will be able to enjoy: A large screen television with Wii and DVD player, study space, staff office, and comfy seating.
  • Block Parties and Community Dinners
  • Community Garden
  • Outdoor Programming
  • Homecoming float/parade prep
  • Holiday Extravaganza

Family Housing

Getting to know the Yellow Jacket Apartments:
The Yellow Jacket Apartments provide housing for families of Black Hills State University students and married students. The apartments are unfurnished except for an electric stove, refrigerator and air conditioner. Two apartments for individuals with disabilities are available. Laundry facilities are located on the lower level in each building.  Pets are NOT allowed. There is a focus on sustainability at the campus apartments our programs promote residents to make eco-friendly choices.

Apartment Complex: 
Each apartment has 790 square feet of living space and is heated with thermostatic controlled hot water heat.  Rooms are carpeted, except for the kitchen area and bathroom.  Bedroom #1 is approximately 11'3" x 10' and bedroom #2 is 11' x 12'.  The living room is 13'6" wide.  Parking spaces are conveniently located.  Annual parking permits are required.  No boats, campers, trailers, etc. will be allowed in the parking lot. 

Application Procedure: 
To qualify for an apartment, applicants must complete admission requirements and be enrolled as a full-time student.  A completed Apartment Application and security deposit must be sent to the Residence Life office to reserve an apartment.

Security Deposit: 
A security deposit of $250.00 is required to reserve an apartment.  $25 of this deposit will be retained for administrative costs, the remainder will be held as long as you are a resident in an apartment to cover damage or forfeiture. If request for cancellation of the apartment is not received 30 days prior to commencement of the lease, the deposit will be forfeited.

Lease Agreement: 
Lease agreements are required and all adults are required to sign.  In the event there is a change in roommates from the original lease a new lease must be signed. Rent for the first month is due when you check in, and thereafter on the first of each month (for 12-month lease) or on the fifteenth of each month (for 9-month lease).  Rent includes heat, electricity, water, sewer, garbage, internet, cable and local phone service.  Late fees of $3 per day for unpaid rent is assessed.

Application Restriction:
Priority for assigning apartments will be for BHSU students who are either a single parent and/or married couples.  If married only one of the married couple is required to attend BHSU. All eligibility requirements must be verified prior to the commencement of the lease. 

For an application for the apartments please contact:  Black Hills State University, Residence Life, 1200 University Street, Unit 9100, Spearfish, SD  57799-9100, 605-642-6464.

  • Housing information is sent out after a student has been accepted to BHSU. Included in the housing information is Contract for Room and Board, Terms and Conditions Document, Residence Life Brochure, Dinning Service Brochure, Tips Sheet, and RHA's linen and carpet program. Residence Life assigns rooms based on priority (first come first serve basis). A students priority date is the date Residence Life receives a student's CONTRACT and DEPOSIT.

Helpful Residence Life Hints and Tips for Parents

Black Hills State University recognizes that families play an important role in supporting and assisting students with their college experience and personal development. The university experience marks a major transition in people’s lives. It is our hope that we can help support that transition for both students and families.

We would like to share with you the Division of Student Affairs’ mission statement and vision to give you a sense of what is important to us as it relates to your sons and daughters.

We are delighted that you are considering or have chosen Black Hills State University.

Meet the staff of Residence Life at Black Hills State University! Lead by Dr. Mike Isaacson, our team of well-trained individuals is here to serve you and your housing needs. Our goal is to make your residential experience at Black Hills State University the best it can be. Feel free to stop by and visit us in our office located in the lower level of Woodburn Hall.

Jane Klug

Dean of Students
Director of Residence Life
Jane Klug
Office: (605) 642-6080

Office Supervisor
Debbie Balding
Office: (605) 642-6788

Summer Conference and Rally Coordinator, Secretary Nancy Shuck
Office: (605) 642-6908

Associate Director
John Ginther
Office: (605) 642-6086
Cell: (605) 641-3553

East Complex Director
Wenona Cook Hall

Chad Bischoff
Office: (605) 642-6464
Cell: (605) 641-6228

West Complex Director
Bordeaux Hall
Whitney Bischoff
Office: (605) 642-6464
Cell: (605) 641-3550


Assistant Complex Director
Heidepriem Hall

Nathan Feldt
Office: (605) 642-6464
Cell: (605) 641-3561


Assistant Complex Director
Thomas Hall

Megan Gayer 
Office: (605) 642-6464
Cell: (605) 641-3549


Assistant Complex Director
Humbert Hall

Bradley Branson
Office: (605) 642-6464
Cell: (605) 641-3552


Assistant Complex Director
Humbert Hall

Ariel Pozorski
Office: (605) 642-6464
Cell: (605) 641-0161