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Are you looking for a place to stay for the summer? BHSU Residence Life has you covered.

Summer Housing at BHSU

  • Summer housing begins , to .
  • Residence Life will accept applications for Summer 2024 starting March 1, 2024.  
  • Space is limited.
  • Current students living on campus DO NOT need to pay a deposit.  Your deposit will carry over from the academic year.
    • Current students who live off campus or are new to housing and SDBOR (non-BHSU) affiliated students will be required to pay a $100 deposit in conjunction with their summer housing application. Residence Life must have both the deposit and the application before any student will be placed.

Students must have an active student ID AND meet the following criteria to be eligible for summer housing:

  • Summer Housing is open to current students only. 
    • A “Current student” is defined as an applicant actively registered and taking courses at BHSU at the time of application.
      • Incoming students for their first semester are ineligible for summer housing.
      • Transfer students may apply if they meet additional criteria (registration, work, internship)
    • Students must be in good financial and academic standing with the Institution. 
    • Students must have a positive rental history (if applicable) with Residence Life.  Residence Life reserves the right to review past rental history regarding summer housing, which may affect eligibility.

Additionally, an applicant must meet one of the following criteria for eligibility:

  • Students must be registered for the current summer term or the immediately following fall term, OR
  • Students are employed on BHSU campus, OR
  • Students* completing an internship from an SDBOR-affiliated institution (Including BHSU).

**Priority is given to BHSU Students.**

Summer Housing Costs:

  • Double occupancy: $1,387.00
  • Single occupancy: $1,971.00

BHSU Summer Housing costs are based on South Dakota Board of Regents (SDBOR) approved rates.  Totals are an approximate estimate based on the SDBOR rates (Single - $186/week, Double - $127/week), calculated daily, and rounded up to the nearest whole dollar (Single - $27/day, Double - $19/day). There are 73 days during the summer housing session. 

Costs will be added to the student’s Student Billing Account during the first week of the Summer Housing term.  Students will be responsible to pay the amount(s) owed per BHSU policy.  Payment(s) can be made through Accounts Receivable (605)-642-6480, or via SDepay within Student SNAP.

Additional Information:

  • BHSU utilizes the Yellow Jacket Apartments for summer housing.
  • The Yellow Jacket Apartments are partially furnished and are a 3-person, 2-bedroom unit. There is a chance for one or two roommates in the apartment.
  • BHSU does not offer a meal plan option during the summer.

Students who do not have a signed housing contract for Fall 2024 by , will be required to move out by .

Reminder:  Summer Housing space is limited.  Once capacity is filled, applicants will be placed on a waitlist.

**PDF - Fillable:  Please save, complete, and email to BHSUResidenceLife@BHSU.edu**

Printed copies can be brought into the Office of Residence Life in Woodburn Hall 124 (between Public Safety and Admissions) or mailed to:

Office of Residence Life

C/O: Summer Housing

1200 University Street Unit 9100

Spearfish, SD 57799


Contact Info

BHSU Residence Life
Woodburn Hall, 124 Map
Hours: 7:30am - 4:30pm
Phone: 605.642.6464
Fax: 605.642.6095

Black Hills State University
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