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Since 2008 the Black Hills State University Center for Business Entrepreneurship and Tourism (CBET) has provided the knowledge, support, and networking that students and members of the community need in order to start or grow their businesses.

Whether you have already started your own business, or it is just an idea itching in the back of your head, the Center for Business, Entrepreneurship, and Tourism (CBET) has resources for you. We can help guide your understanding of what it takes to be an entrepreneur, the mindset necessary for success, and whether this is the journey for you.

We continue the legacy of research to the South Dakota community by providing reliable business and tourism research. We provide access to existing databases of industry research and offer assistance in the collection of information specific to your business. Our faculty experts can provide training and support with regard to conducting your own industry analysis, identifying your market and customer needs, understanding your financing options, making realistic forecasts, and putting it all together into your business plan.

Please let us know if you would like to find out more about how our resources might help as you strive to grow your business.


Jeff Wehrung

Director – Center for Business, Entrepreneurship, and Tourism

Send your letter of interest to:
Center of Business, Entrepreneurship & Tourism
Black Hills State University
1200 University Street, Unit 9007
Spearfish, South Dakota 57799-9007

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The National Business Incubation Association (NBIA) is the world’s leading organization advancing business incubation and entrepreneurship. Each year, it provides thousands of professionals with information, education, advocacy, and networking resources to bring excellence to the process of assisting early-stage companies. An elected, voting board of directors representing the world's leading incubators governs the association.


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So what? Who cares? Why you?® is a proven, systematic methodology to find the business value that lives inside innovation. Developed by Wendy Kennedy, the methodology provides a practical hands-on set of tools and frameworks to help researchers, scientists, and technology entrepreneurs discover and communicate the business value of their innovations. Based on more than 20 years of academic and entrepreneurial expertise, the methodology is in use by more than 10,000 scientists, engineers, and researchers at organizations in more than nine countries.

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Jeff Wehrung
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Center for Business Entrepreneurship and Tourism
Black Hills State University
1200 University St. Unit 9007
Spearfish, SD, USA 57799-9007