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Entering a career as a respiratory therapist is a difficult, but rewarding task. Your first step is to earn a bachelor’s degree from BHSU. We have created a recommended program of study that will make your journey to becoming a respiratory therapist a reality.

BHSU students have the opportunity for interactive educational experiences and one-on-one mentoring with science faculty. Faculty meet with students as they prepare for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) and the medical school application process. The research experience and extracurricular learning experiences at BHSU give our students a competitive edge.

Program Requirements

  • BIOL 151 - General Biology I
  • BIOL 151L - General Biology I Lab
  • BIOL 286 - Word Origins
  • BIOL 325 - Physiology
  • BIOL 325L - Physiology Lab
  • BIOL 381 - Vertebrate Anatomy
  • BIOL 381L - Vertebrate Anatomy Laboratory
  • CHEM 106 - Chemistry Survey
  • CHEM 106L - Chemistry Survey Lab
  • CHEM 112 - General Chemistry I
  • CHEM 112L - General Chemistry I Lab
  • ENGL 101 - Composition I
  • ENGL 201 - Composition II
  • MATH 102 - College Algebra
  • MATH 281 - Introduction to Statistics
  • PHYS 111 - Introduction to Physics I
  • PHYS 111L - Introduction to Physics I Laboratory
  • SPCM 101 - Fundamentals of Speech

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