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Pharmacy is an exciting and growing field. A pharmacist is a professional specialist in the science of drugs who possesses comprehensive knowledge of all medications.

In recent years, the responsibilities of pharmacists have increased from dispensing medicines to also consulting with physicians, directing patient care, and conducting patient education. Pharmacists work in a variety of settings: community pharmacies, hospitals, home health care, nursing homes, health maintenance organizations, research, teaching, quality control, and product development. Other opportunities for pharmacists are found in research or manufacturing businesses, colleges or universities and various departments in the government.

Earning a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or biology is the first step on your journey to become a pharmacist. There are several options across the nation for professional school including bachelor, master, and doctorate pharmacy degrees. Visit with your advisor as you determine the best path to meet your career goals as a pharmacist.


Courses available as part of your bachelor’s degree that will prepare you for your career goals.

  • 4 BIOL 151/L General Biology I & Lab

  • 4 BIOL 153/L General Biology II & Lab

  • 4 BIOL 325/L Physiology & Lab

  • 4 BIOL 331/L Microbiology & Lab

  • 4 BIOL 381/L Vertebrate Anatomy & Lab

  • 4 CHEM 112/L General Chemistry I & Lab

  • 4 CHEM 114/L General Chemistry II & Lab

  • 4 CHEM 326/L Organic Chemistry I & Lab

  • 4 CHEM 328/L Organic Chemistry II & Lab

  • 3 ECON 202 Principles of Macroeconomics

  • 3 ENGL 101 Composition I

  • 3 ENGL 201 Composition II

  • 4 MATH 121 Survey of Calculus

  • 3 MATH 281 Introduction to Statistics

  • 3 PSYC 101 General Psychology

  • 3 CMST 101 Foundations of Communication

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Past Students

BHSU Students who went on to Professional Pharmacy Programs:

Joni Dufek ('99, SDSU)

Jesse Webb ('99, SDSU)

Matt McClung ('01, SDSU)

Shane Johnson ('02, SDSU)

Robert Wright (’04, SDSU)

Jaclyn Schuurmans (’05, Nebraska)

Jessica Cahoy (’06, SDSU)

Jay Foss (’06, Creighton)

Melissa Siers (’06, Minnesota)

Sara Vopat (’06, NDSU)

Wesleigh Jastorff (’07, SDSU)

Tate Berger (’07, Wyoming)

Crystal Hostetter (’07, Wyoming)

Jared Larson (’09, U. Minn.)

Kerry (Walsh) Nekuda (’09, Creighton)

Cheryl Cowan (’10, Nebraska)

Patrick King (’11, NDSU)

Kim Sturzenbecher (’11, Regis Univ.)

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