How long does the MBA take?
  • 2 year program – 2 courses Fall/Spring both years plus a summer hybrid class both years.
Where do I send or email my application and other information?

Your Graduate Application and other required materials can be electronically submitted after payment of the $35.00 application fee. Use this Apply Today link.

Official transcripts in paper or electronic format can be emailed to Jodi Gabriel at or sent by mail to:

Graduate Studies Office Black Hills State University 1200 University St. Unit 9501 Spearfish, SD 57799-9501

What are the names of courses I will be taking during this semester?


Go to the link below and you will find a list of course number, course title, credit hours and semester offered at the link below. If you click on the course number you will see the course description. Program Requirements

Where do I find tuition and fees information?


Go to this link and scroll down to Graduate Tuition Per Credit Hour. From Graduate Tuition menu, scroll to bottom for Self-Support: MBA. Click here for link tuition and fees. There is also a tool called tuition calculator that will help you estimate your costs.

What paperwork should I prepare 6 months prior to graduating?
  • Contact the MBA Coordinator and submit a program of completion. Here is the process:
  1. After receiving the request to graduate the MBA Assistant will verify all courses.
  2. You must make sure all outside sources, such as course transcripts are supplied. This will help ensure that the process is not delayed.
  3. Submit an application to graduate to the Academic Records Office.
  4. Order your cap and gown: you may order online at the BHSU Bookstore website. Make sure they know it is the MBA cap, gown and hood. They will be able to tell you current price of the items. Gowns are available for rent or for purchase. There are deadlines so make sure you order soon enough to avoid late fees.
  5. Be certain you have finished the courses needed for completion of your MBA degree. Courses taken outside of BHSU need approval and can total no more than 9 transfer credits. (Remember to have transcripts sent to Black Hills State University MBA Coordinator, so that you are not delayed for graduation.)
I am almost ready to graduate where do I find information on my cap and gown?


This information for cap and gown rental will be helpful. You will need to order from the BHSU Bookstore. Make sure they know you want the MBA cap and gown. There is a deadline typically and if you miss the order date there will be a late charge assessed, so make sure and contact them early enough to avoid that fee. 

BHSU Bookstore (Spearfish) -

What is my first step in the MBA process? Also, what are the requirements for the Black Hills State University MBA program?


Your first step is to check out the requirements at  Then the next step is to complete your MBA application and pay your $35 non-refundable application fee. Payment of the fee will open an electronic portal where you will upload your application documents. 

Official transcripts in paper or electronic format can be emailed to Jodi Gabriel at or sent by mail to:

Graduate Studies Office Black Hills State University 1200 University St. Unit 9501 Spearfish, SD 57799-9501



 1. One of the following: 

A)  B.S. Degree in Business Administration or Management with cumulative GPA greater than 3.0.

B)  B.S. Degree in a non-business field plus 18 credits of required prerequisite business courses: GMAT score recommended.

2. Official Transcript:  Documenting bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution

3. 3 Letters of Recommendation:  Including one from a supervisor in a professional work environment.

4. Detailed Resume:  outlining education, professional work experience, and professional development.

5. Writing Sample: in the form of a personal essay responding to the following in 500 to 600 words:

A)  Why do you want to join our program?

(Remember a GMAT is not required if your GPA is greater than a 3.0.) MBA Requirements

Will it be possible to get a Graduate Assistantship while I am in school?


We offer limited graduate assistantships. Please contact the MBA program to learn about available assistantship positions (

Is there financial aid available for MBA students?


You need to go online and complete your FAFSA in order to find out what financial aid you will qualify for. The financial aid is usually in the form of government loans. You may also contact the financial aid office with any questions by phone or email. Black Hills State University Financial Aid: Phone: 605-642-6145 or email: Financial Aid

What is the application deadline?


Spring: Our deadline to apply for the spring semester is the 1st week in December and classes start in January. Fall: Our deadline to apply for the fall semester is the 2nd week in June and classes start in August. Summer: Our deadline to apply for the summer session is the 1st week in May and classes start in June. Please go to the Black Hills State University MBA page and fill out the Black Hills State University MBA application. Apply Here

Can my credits from another accredited MBA program transfer?


A total of 9 credits can be transferred from another accredited MBA program with prior approval. (All external classes should be approved with the MBA Coordinator prior to taking the class.)

Is there a printable version of the Black Hills State University MBA Application?


There is a printable version of the Application, it can be found on the Black Hills State University MBA page, click on Apply On-line, when that screen pops up there will be a link in the text for a printable version. Apply Here

What happens after I apply?


Your application is sent to the review board after all documentation is received and a decision of acceptance will be made.

How do I contact someone for more information about the MBA program at Black Hills State University?


The contact email is

I am an international student; how can I get my I-20?

In addition to gaining admission through the Graduate Office, please also visit: to complete the process to obtain your visa-related documents in order to schedule visa appointment at your local US embassy. If you have any specific questions as an international student, please contact

Is there a way to study for the GMAT?


The GMAT website has free tools for registered users and also has other helpful links. If you are wondering about the GMAT, check out their website, there is a free prep or you can also purchase an exam pack to help you study.

Is there an online option for the Black Hills State University MBA Program?


Of the ten classes required for the MBA, eight classes are taught face-to-face and offered at the University Center in Rapid City on Tuesday and Thursday night from 5:30PM -8:30 PM, to accommodate working professionals. This format allows students to work with MBA students and faculty in order to create a powerful network. The remaining 2 classes are offered in hybrid/online format, one class each summer during the two summers of the program.

Is the Black Hills State University MBA Program geared for the working professional?

Yes, this is a part-time program with classes offered from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and one class each summer in hybrid/online format.

What if I travel for work?


You need to talk to the MBA Coordinator and find out what the program would need from you and if the time constraints could be worked out or not.

Where do I find start and end date of the spring semester/fall semester?


Go to the link below and click on the Spring or Fall tab. Academic Calendar

What are the names of the courses and course numbers for the semester?


The names of the Courses that you will be taking can be found at this link: Program Requirements

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