CCBR supports genetic and genomic research, focusing on priority problems expressed by various organizations in the region.
Our top priorities are mentoring undergraduate and graduate students, community outreach, developing collaborative
research with state and regional agencies, and applying technology and research on species of importance to the region.

Did you know the skin disease known as Ringworm is not caused by a worm, but by a microscopic fungus?

Did you know that the term “Biological Resources” refers to the genetic diversity found throughout the living components of ecosystems that have direct or indirect value to humanity.

Did you know there are microorganisms that live over a mile beneath the Earth’s surface?


Thriving Underground Ecosystems

Thriving ecosystems of microorganisms reside almost a mile under the Earth's surface.

The Smooth Greensnake

The smooth greensnake is a good ecosystem indicator of change.


antibiotic research

Widespread antibiotic use contributes to bacteria being resistant to the drugs we use to combat them.


Interspecific hybridization

When different species are crossed hybrids are made.