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Kelsey Sundberg and Matthias Steeves pose for a photo in Spain.

Kelsey Sundberg and Matthias Steeves (Fall 2023, Spain)

Follow Kelsey and Matthias through Spain via Kelsey’s blogs: Sojourning in Spain
Kelsey was a 2023 recipient of the Gilman Scholarship which helped fund her with $5000 toward her study abroad program costs. To learn more about the Gilman and other study abroad scholarships, check out: Scholarships & Finances



Karanda Kay Davis poses for a photo in South Korea.

Karanda Kay Davis (Exchange year 2022/23, South Korea) 

Karanda Kay spend her entire sophomore year studying abroad at our partner University KonKuk University in Seoul, South Korea. Read more about her experiences here: BHSU Student Returns From Study Abroad at KonKuk University in South Korea



Jack Wenger, Dr. Emilia Flint, Fey Ramirez, and Timothy Brooks pose for a photo in Germany.

BHSU Research Team with Dr. Emilia Flint (Summer 2023, Germany) 

Read more about Dr. Emilia Flint, professor of psychology at Black Hills State University, and BHSU students Timothy Brooks, Fey Ramirez, and Jack Wenger traveling to the 2023 Special Olympics World Games in Berlin, Germany: BHSU Research Team Explores Cultural Differences at Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023 



Sheridan Fenner poses for a photo in South Korea.

Sheridan Fenner (Summer 2023, South Korea) 

Read more about Sheridan’s Study Abroad experience at our partner University Konkuk University: International Education Week: Sheridan Fenner 



Maggie Peterson pets a kangaroo in Australia.

Maggie Peterson (Spring 2023, Australia) 

Learn more about Maggie’s Study Abroad experience in Sydney, Australia: International Education Week: Maggie Peterson 



Aidan Marcinkowski poses for a photo in Italy.

Aidan Marcinkowski (Summer 2022, Italy) 

Read more about Aidan’s Internship Abroad experience with World Endeavors: International Education Week: Aidan Marcinkowski



Curtis Peterson poses for a photo.

Curtis Peterson (Summer 2022)

Read more about Curtis’ Research Abroad experience here: International Education Week: Curtis Peterson






Justin Logue drinking tea in Slovenia.

"I lived 10 minutes from the old town and about 20 minutes from my school. While the city is small (only around 300,000 people), there are events every day. The University of Ljubljana was well integrated with the national government. There were guest lectures every week from national government offices. One of my professors worked for the Foreign Ministry and was a special advisor to the Minister of Environment for Slovenia. Another was previously the National Security Advisor to the Prime Minister. On a more personal level, I made quite a few close friends. Of those friends, about half were Slovenian and half were foreign students like me. I lived in a dormitory that was predominantly Slovenian students. They were welcoming and hosted events often. During the holiday season, they taught us how to make Slovenian desserts and mulled wine."--Justin Logue (Spring 2019, Slovenia)


Lexie Quail poses for a photo in Spain.

"My name is Lexie Quail and I am studying in Sevilla, España.-I will be gone for the entire academic year, 8 months. I have been here for a week. My favorite thing that I have tried is una tortilla de patatas. It has eggs, salt, potatoes and I am not actually sure what else, but my host family told me it is a very traditional Spanish food. I have also tried some Sangria, and it is a very sweet wine, I love it! What is interesting is they literally cook everything in olive oil. You can go to the store and buy like a 2 gallon jug of it! It is crazy! Also, southern Spain drinks more cervezas than wine, especially in the summer time."-Lexie Quail (Fall 2020 - Spring 2021, Spain)





Keely Kleven poses for a photo.

Keely Kleven (Fall 2017, Semester at Sea, 10 countries)

Watch this video to learn more about Keely's experience!
BHSU Student Visits 10 Countries in 1 Semester: "Along the Way"



Lara No Braid poses for a photo in South Korea.

Lara No Braid (Spring 2019, South Korea)

Watch this video to learn more about Lara's experience!
Lara No Braid | Study Abroad Experience









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