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When should I start planning?

Starting early is the best. When you start early, you have time to research in depth the different programs and find one that really fits what you are looking for and what you need academically. It is best to start planning a semester to a year before you would like to go. Make sure to keep an eye out on our application deadlines!

I don't know another language. Is this a problem?

Not at all! Some programs do have a language prerequisite and may only offer courses in the host country’s language. There are many other study abroad programs offered in English, all over the world, and this does not mean you are limited to studying in English-speaking countries like England or Australia!

Is studying abroad expensive?

Studying abroad can be easily comparable to the BHSU tuition, and sometimes even cheaper. The cost will vary depending on your program, destination, personal expenses, and fees. With this said, there are many scholarships and financial aid available to be used for your study abroad experience!

Can I still graduate on time?

Absolutely! With proper planning and starting ahead, it is easy to select courses that will not disrupt your sequence, and can actually help get some classes out of the way! Still worried about a disruption? You can choose to study for a shorter amount of time then a semester, like a summer term!

How long can I study abroad?

There are several options for studying abroad lengths, ranging from a few weeks, to a whole academic year. BHSU offers faculty-led programs that run roughly one to two weeks. Then different partners of BHSU offer Summer courses that run four to six weeks. With internships, you are able to set a timeline for how long you want to intern abroad. Student teaching is also offered for six to 10 weeks. Finally, we have semester and year long programs for students to study abroad with!

What type of housing is available?

Different programs offer different housing options, but here are the three main ones!

Dormitory Housing- Much like what we offer for on-campus housing, dorms are available with many programs where you can have a roommate or two and a shared area, as well as community areas available within the building.

Host Family- When in a host country, you may also have the chance to have a host family, which is a family native to your host country that you will stay with for the duration of your program. This is great for people who fully want to immerse themselves into the country's culture. A host family will feed you and lodge you, yet may not speak your native language at all. Some students say the host family was the most eye-opening experience of their whole program.

Apartment Living- Some programs allow you to find your own housing off campus, within the local area. There, you can choose if you need a roommate or if you are going solo.

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