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Studying abroad is challenging, both in preparation but also during your time abroad. We are here to help you along your way and support you throughout your planning process as well as throughout the duration of your program. Participation in one of BHSU's study abroad programs guarantees that you maintain your student status and the benefits that status holds, including Disability Services, BHSU Health Center, Title IX, advising, your Yellowjacket email account, etc. We have gathered a small list of some helpful resources to make your journey a little easier! Please take a look around below and utilize the tabs on the side to get ready to BUZZ ABROAD!

Safe Traveler Enrollment Program: (STEP) is a free service to allow U.S. citizens traveling abroad to enroll in their trip with the nearest U.S. Embassy. It is highly recommended and extremely helpful in case of emergency!

Center for Disease Control and Prevention: It is critical for you to utilize the (CDC) for the most current and up-to-date information regarding traveler health and safety. Please review the country-specific data to determine if you need any immunizations to enter your destination country and to consider if there are other health and safety concerns. It is also recommended that you discuss your travel plans with a physician (at the very least check in with BHSU Health Services).

Safety Abroad: Travel.State.Gov is a resource provided by the US Department of State to access the most current and up-to-date information regarding travel safety abroad. Please review your country destination profile to determine if there are entry requirements for your study abroad location and if there are any associated travel warnings. Please note that University policy restricts travel to countries with a level 3 or 4 travel advisory issued by the US State Department.

Identity: Studying abroad may have an impact on who you are and how you identify. Please review this Guide to Diversity and Inclusion Abroad. Please visit with us if you have any concerns for your safety in relation to your country of destination and local laws and customs.

Disability Services: If you need a reasonable and appropriate accommodation to allow full and equal access to your study abroad program, please let us know so that we can work together with BHSU Disability Services and your program provider.

Title IX: BHSU has the responsibility to protect every student's right to learn in an environment free from unlawful discrimination. As a BHSU student abroad, these rights follow and protect you. Learn more about Title IX at BHSU now

Currency: Do you know the value of your US dollar in your country of destination? Check out the 9 Best Currency Converter Apps for Android

Insurance: all SDBOR students studying abroad must enroll in CISI. This insurance provides extensive coverage for situations such as emergency evacuation and repatriation, as well as reimbursements for minor health care costs abroad. The cost of insurance will be applied directly to your BHSU student bill.

Language: Although it may not be required to be proficient in the language of your host country, it is still a good idea to prepare with general phrases and greetings to get you started upon arrival. We recommend using Google Translate, Duo, and other free language learning apps to help you on the go!

Flights: Booking flights is the responsibility of the student for all study abroad programs, unless it is communicated by a program leader that flights are included as group travel during a BHSU-Led Program. Get advice from FORBES on how to find cheap flights, but also look around at resources such as Student Universe. Program providers like AIFS can often offer flight packages for convenience. We are happy to visit with you during advising sessions to help make recommendations and give unofficial advice based on personal preferences and former travel experiences.

Packing Tips: Our friends at AIFS have some TIPS on how to pack as you prepare to study abroad.

More Tips: Hear directly from students who have participated in ISA programs by visiting ISA's student blog site and get the low-down on a variety of topics!

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