Human Resources Department

Step 10: Documentation

Documentation of the selection process does not need to be complex or lengthy. However records must be sufficiently complete to show that the selection procedures and decisions were job-related and that equal consideration and uniform hiring standards were applied to all applicants. 

  1. Documentation The committee must document the interview and selection process and the reasons for selecting the top candidate(s).  The reasons for selection must relate to the applicant's job-related knowledge, skills and abilities. The information contained on this document will be used if a hiring decision is challenged or an inquiry is filed.  
  2. Complete Applicant Log The Applicant Log must be completed by indicating the status of all the candidates who applied for the position. Short comments are sufficient and might be something like:
    • Appointed
    • Declined Appointment
    • Appeared for Final Interview, but Was Not Appointed
    • Declined Interview or Failed to Appear
    • Not Selected for Interview  
  3. Return documentation of selection process to Human Resources The appointing authority will forward the following documents to Human Resources for each hire:
    • Selection Documentation Form;
    • Copies of selection methods used and any other information related to selection methods (e.g., completed supplemental questionnaires, tests, etc.);
    • Interview questions and a summary indicating the strengths and weaknesses of each applicant (this includes short pre-screening interviews);
    • Names and titles of all persons administering the selection process or participating in making selection decisions;
    • Any hard copies of resumes of applicants which are not in the online system;
    • Reference check forms; and
    • Personnel Action Request (PAR).

This documentation must be returned to the Human Resources Director within three working days of acceptance of appointment.

Documentation of the recruitment and selection process will be maintained by Human Resources for three years to support the hiring decision and to provide fact-based information for monitoring and evaluating recruitment and selection practices and procedures. 

Notification to Applicants Upon verbal acceptance of the employment offer, the search committee will send a letter to the unsuccessful applicants notifying them that they did not receive an interview or that they did receive an interview but were not selected for the position.