Earn a certificate in Professional Writing

Get a certificate in professional writing
Major U.S. and International Corporations have expressed that an essential element of short-term and long-term professional success is exceptional skill in writing. A crisis in written communication has resulted in a growth of corporate writing consultants, hired to provide workshops, training sessions, and in-house consultations. In addition, some corporations and organizations are sending their employees to training conferences outside their companies.

Clearly, there is a demand for improved writing skills which is why BHSU currently offers a certificate in Professional Writing. This certificate program will be offered online, thereby providing such training to a national and international audience, and will allow for individuals to obtain professional writing credentials while fully employed.

With the online professional writing certificate, you can live anywhere and complete it! Employees working in business, technology, medical, scientific, legal, marketing, accounting, advertising sectors, public school teachers, and individuals working in social service agencies can benefit from this program.

Course Requirements for the Professional Writing Certificate:

  • 3 ENGL/WRTG 379 Technical Communication
  • 3 ENGL/WRTG 401 Advanced Writing
  • 3 SPCM/WRTG 455 Visual Culture
  • 3 WRTG 479 Professional Technical Writing

Questions? Email Courtney Huse-Wika at Courtney.HuseWika@bhsu.edu