Writing Center About Us

About Us

What We Do

The Writing Center provides BHSU students the following services:

  • One-on-one consultations for any kind of writing assignment and at any stage of the writing process, including understanding an assignment, taking notes, developing a thesis, organizing a first draft, or revising and editing a final draft
  • Assistance in researching, documenting sources, and avoiding plagiarism.
  • Assistance in group writing projects
  • Reviews of grammar and punctuation rules
  • Advice on writing a résumé, application letter, or professional portfolio
  • Feedback for prepared speeches and presentations

Students do not necessarily need an appointment to visit the center. The Writing Center is designed as an Open Writing Lab, a place and space for student writers to work on their essays, papers, and speeches with the added advantage of consultants on hand to offer feedback and answer questions.  Walk-ins are welcome as space allows, and students are welcome to work independently and seek feedback from consultants when they are available.  We have work stations and reference materials available, as well as drafting computers and access to wireless printing.

Go to https://bhsu.mywconline.com/ to schedule an appointment today!  If you have questions about the registration process, please call (605) 642-6922 or stop by the WAC for assistance.


We strive to create better writers. Rather than offering editing services, we work with students to strengthen all aspects of their writing process to help them gain confidence in writing and in the texts that they produce. With that in mind, we begin where they do: from the beginning stages of writing to final polishing.

Through collaborative dialogue, we aim to help students gain necessary writing skills that they can utilize in the classroom and beyond. Writing is a part of our daily lives, and we believe that writing, combined with critical thinking, is an essential skill in all professional fields as well as in personal interactions. Effective writing fosters clarity of thought, strength of conviction, and engaged citizenship. Therefore, we work with writers at all levels to increase their access and ability to contribute to the larger global community.    

For academic writing, a session will be beneficial to you when you are:

· choosing and narrowing a topic · developing a thesis · generating ideas for support and development · organizing ideas · researching and documenting sources · drafting · revising and editing

In addition to academic essays, papers, and speeches, we offer guidance for resumes, application letters, and personal statements. Consultants can also help with review and tutoring for the writing portion of the Rising Junior Exam, the Informational Literacy Exam, and the writing portion of pre-professional tests such as the GRE, PRAXIS, and LSAT.

We can also help you and your group members with group writing projects; please be sure to indicate the number of writers in the group when scheduling a session.

The Writing Center is here for your writing needs. Our goals are to enable you to compose more fluently and with less apprehension and fear; to provide support when you are struggling with a writing project; to assist you with the further development of your critical thinking skills; and to acquaint you with the conventions and expectations of different genres and disciplines of writing. We can help you become a stronger and more diverse writer. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment!

How To Prepare:

  • Schedule a session with the Writing Centerhere. Walk-ins are always welcome, but you may have to wait until a consultant is available.
  • Bring your assignment sheet, class notes, and any other materials that will help you and the consultant better understand your assignment.
  • Take a moment to compose “writer’s questions” before you arrive; these are specific questions or issues you would like to discuss with the consultant regarding your paper. They will give you a foundation to work from during the session and will also help you prioritize subjects or issues for discussion.
  • Arrive on time and ready to work.

What To Expect:

At the Writing Center, we work to create better writers.Rather than offering editing services, we work with you to strengthen all aspects of your writing process to help you gain confidence in writing and in the texts that you produce. With this in mind, you can expect:

  • to take the lead in the session. While the consultant will ask you questions to help draw out your ideas and develop your writing more fully, you should not expect the consultant to tell you what to write or what and where to revise; the paper should always remain your property.
  • to read the paper in full and sometimes out loud. It helps to have the paper or project fresh in your mind. You can expect to read through the draft in full at least once; sometimes your consultant will ask you to read it out loud so that you can better identify the passages that you feel need revision and development.
  • to write. Be prepared to take notes and write on your draft. Your consultant may ask you to use highlighters or different colored pens to mark sections of your draft or to make notes in the margins. You may also wish to record revision ideas for later writing sessions. The more you physically engage with your paper and the writing process, the better writing you will produce.
  • to try new writing techniques and invention strategies. If you are stuck on a particular part of the paper, or are not quite sure where to go, you can expect the consultant to walk you through writing exercises and invention strategies to generate ideas. This might mean trying a new outline, annotating the draft, listing, or questioning, while other times it might mean dialoguing about the topic.

If looking for assistance with a draft or partial draft, please bring two copies with you to the session.