Sturgis Rally

Sturgis Rally Loyalty Program

Over the last few years during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, over 50% of our guests at BHSU have been repeat customers, staying with us for their second or fifth or even ninth time. (According to our records kept since 2000 several people have stayed with us nine times over the years.) We do not have words to tell you how much we appreciate your loyalty!

To express our gratitude for your loyalty, however, we designed our loyalty program to reward those staying with us multiple times. For those who have stayed with us two or more times, we offer a discount off the cost of the room - $50 off the cost of the room for Blocks A or B, $100 off the cost of the room for Block C. (The discount is taken before the tax is calculated.) Those who qualify are sent a Loyalty Discount coupon with their mailing of reservation brochures and are asked to return it with their reservation requests.

To qualify for the discount, guests must have made reservations with us two or more times – and the reservations must have been made in their own names. Cancellations receiving refunds do not count as qualifying reservations. Coupons must be redeemed with reservation requests before the deadline listed on each coupon. After the deadline, the discount is no longer given, so guests must reserve their rooms early.

Those with questions about their eligibility should contact our Rally Coordinator 605.642.6908 or email

Thank you so much for your loyalty and your patronage of BHSU. We are so pleased to see you back for another Sturgis Motorcycle Rally!