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Degree programs in the math and social sciences are designed to prepare students to think critically and understand history, culture, and politics. These programs offer a diverse class load and faculty who are there to guide you through the process. With a degree in math and social sciences, anything is possible.

A Native American man dances at a powwow.

American Indian Studies

American Indian studies (AIS) program is designed to thoroughly investigate the past, present and future of Native peoples of the Americas in a learning environment conducive to critical and creative thought. The AIS major emphasizes the experience of the Lakota division of the Great Sioux Nation.

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Geography is exclusively offered as a minor at BHSU. This minor combines Geography courses with Sociology for a comprehensive learning experience of both natural and social sciences. The combination of classes is designed to compliment a variety of majors including History, Political Science, Social Science, Outdoor & Various Ed degrees, and Environmental Physical Science.

Spearfish Normal School, Main Hall, 1924

History / History Education

A history degree will walk you through the worlds of American history, European history and regional history. Discover past events and people, explore themes in historical eras, delve into historical documents and publications, and hone your writing and research skills. Benefit from the opportunity to study the Gold Rush, tour ghost towns, and learn about the Native American culture, while studying American, European, and World History.

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Mathematics / Math Education

Earn your mathematics degree in a rigorous environment that nurtures mathematical maturity, self-confidence, and an appreciation for lifelong learning. Develop the capacity and disposition for continued learning in mathematics through relevant studies and research. Become prepared for a variety of careers from finance and software development to math education.

Man talks with a microphone at a podium.

Political Science

The Political Science program is designed to give majors and minors a strong background in American government and politics, international relations, comparative politics, and political philosophy. A degree in Political Science makes it possible to find employment in a variety of areas ranging from business to government.

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Social Science / Social Science Education

As you work toward your Social Science degree at BHSU, you’ll gain an appreciation for worldly, historical and political accomplishments. Many students specialize in disciplines like anthropology, sociology, psychology, history, geography, or political science; however, a social science degree also offers undecided students the opportunity to gain a broad skill set that will easily transfer to any of these careers.

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International Studies

Broaden your horizons with an International Studies Minor at Black Hills State University. Prepare yourself for your future by expanding your knowledge in cultures around the world. Learn about business from an international perspective.

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