Sturgis Rally Accommodations and Amenities.

Sturgis Rally Accommodations & Amenities

Computer Access
Wireless computer service is provided in each hall and each room has an Ethernet connection. We will provide user name and password for log-in during the Rally. Other buildings on campus (including the Student Union and the Library) have wireless access available.

Fine dining at the Hive.

BHSU Dining Services continues to provide a delicious breakfast buffet at a reasonable price for our Rally guests. Breakfast is served in our Hive dining hall (which is only two years old) from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m.

Additional selections of food and drink are available in our Jacket Java coffee shop in the Library – and Jacket Java is open until 2:30 p.m. weekdays during the summer.

To explore other options (including perhaps sack lunches) please contact Krista Schroeder, Office Manager, at 605.642.6896.

Dining options of all kinds are available throughout Spearfish. Maps are provided for you in the hall lobbies.

The halls each have coin-operated washing machines and dryers. Some floors are equipped with machines operated by student ID cards; check another floor to find the coin-operated machines.

Linen is now included in the price of your room and provided to each and every room during Rally. No more trying to find room on your motorcycle and no more shipping these items ahead of you!

Most common areas/lobbies have TVs (most large-screen) with basic cable. Yes, each lobby is air-conditioned with comfortable seating. The first floor lobby of each hall has our registration desk, staffed by a friendly host 24 hours a day during the Rally. Our hosts will even keep track of weather updates and post information throughout the day for you. You can also check in (and out) any time of the day or night. We’ll keep the lights on!

If you want to ship clothes and other personal items ahead of your arrival, you are welcome to do so. Review instructions for successful shipping,  or please contact our Rally Coordinator 605.642.6908 or email Please make arrangements for return shipping when you send the items.

Ample parking available for you!

Ample parking for your bike, trailer, and vehicle is available. Except for Wenona Cook Hall, you can park next to your residence hall. We do ask that the parking lanes close to the buildings be used by the motorcycles; trailers and vehicles can park at the back of the lots (where it’s easier to enter and exit).

Our campus has 24-hour security, provided by our own Rally security staff, the BHSU Public Safety Office, and local law enforcement. We’ll keep a close eye on your bikes, vehicles, and trailers – and yourself.

Should you decide to stay with us, BHSU will house you in our residence hall rooms. Rooms are approximately 12’ x 14’. Each is furnished with two long-length twin beds, two dressers, a desk, a chair, and a sink. Each also has one or two open-fronted closets.  View our residence halls. Every room also includes a fan since the rooms are not air-conditioned. Most common areas are air-conditioned. The newest residence hall, Crow Peak, is air-conditioned.

Room capacity is limited to 2 people. An adult aged 21 or older must accompany anyone under the age of 18. Accessible rooms are available on the first floors since elevator service does not exist in any hall. If accessibility is needed, please state your request for an accessible room on your reservation form.

Linen (bedding and towels) is also provided for each person. Each person in the room receives two sheets (either two flat sheets or one flat and one fitted), one light blanket, one pillow, one pillowcase, two bath towels, and two washcloths. Towels and washcloths will be exchanged for clean daily; please bring towels and washcloths to the registration desk in your hall by 9:30 each morning. Blocks A and B will not receive an exchange of sheets and pillowcases. Block C guests will receive two exchanges of sheets and pillowcases during your nine-night stay; please bring your sheets and pillowcases to the registration desk (with your towels) on Sunday and on Wednesday. Please bring all your linen to the registration desk in the lobby of your hall when you check out.

Community bathrooms (complete with toilets, sinks, and shower areas) are located on each floor. Bathrooms are designated by gender and are equipped with separate stalls for toilets and showers.

We do ask you to keep your expectations of us reasonable. In exchange for a reasonably priced room, you will receive friendly hospitality with a warm welcome and a comfortable place to stay – but we definitely aren’t the Ritz!

If you are wondering, almost all the rooming proceeds go directly to physical improvements of the residence halls. Our guests and our resident college students benefit from your dollars.