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GEM is a partnership between the Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) and civilian academic institutions. The goal is to offer general education courses to meet CCAF Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree requirements. GEM allows an Airman to complete all general education requirements at one institution via online distance coursework for faster degree completion.

Black Hills State University has partnered with CCAF to offer the following general education courses to fulfill the general education requirements for the AAS. Choose one course from each requirement area below.


Carol Racanelli
Black Hills State University
Phone: (605)718-4257



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Approved Courses

Oral Communication CMST 101 - Foundations of Communication - 8 week/16 week classes
Written Communication ENGL 101 Composition I - 8 week/16 week classes
ENGL 201 Composition II - 16 week classes
Mathematics MATH 101 Intermediate Algebra - 8 week/16 week classes
MATH 103 Mathematical Reasoning - 16 week classes
MATH 114 College Algebra - 16 week classes
MATH 120 Trigonometry - 16 week classes
MATH 123 Calculus I - 16 week classes
MATH 125 Calculus II - 16 week classes
MATH 225 Calculus III - 16 week classes
MATH 281 Introduction to Statistics - 16 week classes
Social Sciences AIS 257 Early American Indian History and Culture - 16 week classes
ECON 201 Principles of Microeconomics - 16 week classes
ECON 202 Principles of Macroeconomics - 16 week classes
GEOG 210 World Regional Geography - 16 week classes
HIST 151 U.S. History I - 8 week/16 week classes
HIST 152 U.S. History II - 16 week classes
POLS 100 American Government - 16 week classes
PSYC 101 General Psychology - 8 week/16 week classes
SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology - 8 week/16 week classes
SOC 150 Social Problems - 8 week/16 week classes
Humanities ARTH 100 Art Appreciation - 8 week/16 week classes
ENGL 210 Introduction to Literature - 16 week classes
ENGL 248 Women in Literature - 16 week classes
HUM 100 Introduction to Humanities - 8 week/16 week classes
MUS 100 Music Appreciation - 8 week/16 week classes
PHIL 100 Introduction to Philosophy - 8 week/16 week classes
SPAN 101 Introductory Spanish I - 8 week/16 week classes

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COST AND Financial aid for military students

At BHSU, we are committed to supporting those who have served our country. If you are a member of the military community, you may be eligible for tuition assistance for active military tuition reduction. When you apply to Black Hills State University, you WILL NOT be charged an admissions fee, as you will be considered a non-degree seeking student since you will just be taking general education courses.

Discounted Active Military Tuition Rate

Active military members can apply for a reduced military rate for undergraduate classes. This will lower your tuition to $250 per credit hour. If you apply for the reduced tuition rate and Air Force and Space Force TA (see below) you would cover the cost of your tuition. To apply for this discounted rate, please email Carol Racanelli at Carol.Racanelli@BHSU.edu to have her send you the form.  You can either drop off the completed form at the Rushmore Center, RM 2401 and show your ID to her, or you can email the completed form, and include your most recent LES with the application.

Air Force and Space Force Tuition Assistance

You will need to contact your education service officer to determine your eligibility. You will also need to get authorization from your command before you can apply. Once you are deemed eligible, you can then register for classes. To learn more information about Air Force and Space Force TA, click here. For detailed step-by-step instructions, click here. Before you can access the online TA request process, you must create a user name and password on the AFVEC. This can be done through the Air Force Portal.


BHSU Student Success Center

If you need help with academics or just getting information about our school resources please reach out to our Student Success center.  


GI Bill®

The GI Bill® is administered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The Armed Forces offer Airmen and Guardians several tuition assistance programs for college courses taken during off-duty hours. Apply for Benefits


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