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BHSU has been selected to be on the BHSU has been selected to be on the 2021-2022 Military Friendly Schools list!  Although this is great news for our university,  it's even better news for our students, as it shows we are an institution with a vested interest in making sure you the veteran and your dependents not only feel comfortable here, but are getting a world class education. 

Military Friendly School 2021-22 Gold Medal graphic


If you have questions about our services on campus or just need information you can reach out to the respective point of contact listed below, and they will be happy to assist you:

Veterans Resource Coordinator - Greg Krajewski - PH: 605.645.6415. To go to the Veteran Affairs website, click here.
As the Veteran Resource Coordinator, Greg has to stay up-to-date on information regarding active military students applying for GI Bill® education entitlements, Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA), and State Tuition Reimbursement. Each year Greg has to take at least five hours worth of training, and attend a School Certifying Official conference to stay qualified as an SCO.


Financial Aid representative for military students - Kim Nida - PH: 605.642.6113. To go to the Financial Aid website, click here.
As a Financial Aid Representative Kim is trained to work with active military students on all their financial aid needs and can answer any of your questions as it relates to financial aid or tuition assistance.

Disabilities Services and Testing Coordinator - Jennifer Lucero - PH: 605.642.6099. To go to the Disability Services and Testing website, click here.
As a Disabilities Services and Testing Coordinator, Jennifer can assist you with any needs you may have with respect to a disability you may have. She can also assist you with any testing services you may require.  
To go to the Disability Services and Testing website, click here.

Academic Advisers - Dana Weber, PH: 605.642.6277, Jannette Hettick, PH: 605.642.6934, Clarissa Thompson, PH: 605.642.6270, Melissa Woodall, PH: 605.642.6132. To go to the R&R website, click here.
As Academic Advisers they can assist you with getting your current class schedule set up or they can help you plan your future class schedule to achieve your education goals. They can also offer you career guidance as it relates to getting a resume developed so that you can compete for jobs when you are done with your education goals.


Career Adviser - Hans Nelson - 605.642.6413. To go to the Handshake website, click here.
As a Career Adviser, Hans can assist you by helping you create your professional portfolio to land your next job, internship or career. 


Administration - BHSU-Rapid City:
Admissions - Barb O'Malley, 605.642.6411
Facilities Services - Mike Overby, 605.642.9224
Public Safety - Phil Pesheck, 605.642.6953
Resident Life - Nathan Feldt, 605.642.6788
Registrar's Office - Johanna Best, 605.642.6044
Trio Support Services - Ashley Kirchner, 605.642.6824