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What is the Outdoor Leadership Program?

<p "=">A program for students who want to develop their outdoor skills and hone their outdoor leadership skills through hands-on practice, mentoring, and peer-feedback. 

Why participate?

  • Build experience-based judgment: <span=">Employers want to hire those who have experience actually planning and leading outdoor programs.
  • Outdoor jobs require outdoor experience: Fill your "experience resume"!
  • Optional: Earn elective credit! Students can take OE 295 or 291 Outdoor Leadership Practicum for one credit. To find out more or to sign up, request a copy of the syllabus and requirements by emailing 
  • Possible: Get paid! Some qualifying students can get paid to plan and lead programs or assist with OEP classes or complete equipment management duties. Inquire by emailing by emailing  

    What does the Outdoor Leadership Program entail?

    1. Complete Outdoor Leader Orientation! 
    2. Complete specialty trainings and complete the competency checklist for outdoor technical skills you want to lead. Trainings may include university outdoor skill classes, external approved skill certifications, and individual mentoring by an OE faculty member. 
      1. PE 100 Backpacking
      2. PE 100 Challenge Course
      3. PE 100 Intermediate Rock Climbing
      4. PE 100 Kayaking
      5. PE 100 Canoeing
      6. PE 100 Cross Country Skiing
      7. OE 292 Basic Archery Instructor-Trainer
      8. RECR 242 Outdoor Skills
      9. OE 492 Wilderness First Responder
      10. PCIA/AMGA Climbing Wall Instructor
      11. PCIA/AMGA Single Pitch Instructor
    3. Complete a Program Plan and Meet with OE Program Coordinator for approval.
    4. Lead Program
    5. Debrief Program
    6. Assist with at least 1 other program or outdoor class session
    7. Attend at least one COLP Meeting per month

    For more information about the Leadership Program, attend a regularly scheduled COLP meeting, visit with one of the COLP officers, or email COLP advisor at

Contact Info

Christine McCart
OE Program Coordinator
9405 Map
Phone: 605-642-6027

College of Education
Black Hills State University
1200 University St.
Spearfish, SD, USA 57799