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The following steps and instructions will help you get started with your online degree at BHSU. 


To obtain a username and password information for the various programs you will use, start by going to or select email from the BHSU Homepage, and then click on the login help link. If you have difficulty accessing your Login Help page, please send an email to the help desk at



Once you have accessed the Login Help page, you will be able to use your new Yellow Jackets email account in conjunction with the 6-digit pin/password provided. BHSU email is the primary means of communicating official University information to students. When a student is enrolled in a BHSU course, she/he is issued an email account. Students should be aware that the university uses email to communicate official information of many kinds to students. Students are responsible for the information in official university emails and are expected to meet all deadlines, requirements, and safety recommendations, as described. Examples include, but are not limited to: financial aid announcements, billing statements, registration, enrollment information, course cancellations, etc. Much of this information is time-sensitive; therefore, students are expected to check their BHSU email at least twice a week.

To log in to your student email account for the first time, please follow the instructions on the Login Help page.



The next step after logging into your e-mail is to go to the D2L (Desire to Learn) link from the BHSU homepage. Choose "I'm New to D2L" and follow the instructions to set your password. You will find your username for D2L/MyBHSU on your login help page. Once you have set your password, this combination of username and password will be used for both D2L and MyBHSU. For more information on using MyBHSU, click here.

Your student email username/password is one combination, and your MyBHSU and D2L is a separate combination (username on Login Help; password set by you and not stored anywhere in our system). If you lose or forget either of your passwords, you should return to the “Reset Password” option.


To make a payment, log in to MyBHSU (this is the same login information as D2L), select the Students section on the side menu, and then select SDePay/View Account/Pay here, under the Student Accounts section. You will be redirected to the secure payment site where there is an option to "view current activity," which will hold your most up-to-date account information, and an option to make a payment or set up a payment plan. Billing notices will NOT be mailed.

Tuition is payable approximately one month prior to the start of the term. If payment arrangements haven't been made by the payment deadline, you will be charged a late fee and will be in jeopardy of possible class cancellation. Payment notices, with deadlines, will be sent in an email to your student email account (ONLY). Please watch for these notices and arrange payment as soon as you get them.


Prior to the start date of your course, go to the Desire2Learn website located on BHSU's homepage (under the Menu, top left) or D2L. Use the System Check feature available on the Desire2Learn webpage to make sure your browser meets the requirements to use the software. If you have technical problems accessing your course on Desire2Learn, please email or contact Anne Stevens at (605)642-6064 or

Other Resources


Access to the course will be permitted approximately 30 days prior to the start of the term upon activation by the professor. During your pre-term access, you will be able to view the course syllabus and textbook requirements. Assignments may begin immediately after the start of the term and may be due within a day or two, so it is important to be ready to start as soon as the term begins.


You will be able to order the textbook (s) at BHSU´s bookstore. You should order your textbook as soon as possible. If you have questions, please call (605)642-6636 or email Dennis Walkins at


Visit the Library Homepage.

  • In order to access the library databases, you will use your BHSU email as your username and your pin/password found on the Login Help page.
  • For interlibrary loans, you will need your 14-digit Library Barcode found on the Library Login page.


If you choose NOT to take any of the classes in which you are enrolled, you must drop the course through MyBHSU registration or send a written request to the Registrar’s Office ( by the course census date to ensure a full refund. Full-semester length classes all have the same census date. Short-term and summer class census dates are much earlier in the class and can be found on the MyBHSU course listing. After the course census date, "withdraw" policies go into effect. Classes dropped after the course census date will be assigned a grade of “WD” and there will be no tuition credit.

Additional registration instructions/information can be found on the Current Students page.


The Registrar’s Office (Woodburn 103, 605-642-6044) must be notified if a student decides to completely withdraw from school. The notification MUST be in writing, by email, fax, or in person. The student's withdrawal date is the date the student began the withdrawal process or officially notified BHSU of intent to withdraw by contacting the Registrar’s Office. Please be sure to note your full name, student ID number, and last date of participation in classes on your request.

For students who fail to officially withdraw, the institution may administratively withdraw the student. The withdrawal date for an administrative withdrawal will be determined at the University’s option to be:

  • The midpoint of the enrollment period, or
  • The last documented date of attendance at an academically-related event, or
  • The date an event occurred that prevented the student from officially withdrawing from the institution. Such events include illness, grievous personal loss, or other circumstances beyond the student’s control.

A student is considered withdrawn during a term if classes have begun and:

  • The student has registered for at least one course and the student has initiated withdrawal from all state-support and self-support courses at all Regental universities in which the student was actively enrolled at the time of withdrawal, including courses in progress as well as those that have not yet begun, or;
  • The Regental home university has completed withdrawal procedures for administrative reasons including, without limitation, non-payment of tuition and fees, or disciplinary sanctions.
  • Students enrolled in two or more Regental universities pursuant to financial aid consortia will be eligible for refunds as set forth herein only if they withdraw, drop out, or are expelled from all classes at all Regental universities for which they have enrolled.

A student who is required to withdraw from the term or from a course after the final withdrawal date (BOR policy 2:6.8) due to illness or extenuating circumstances may petition the Vice President for Academic Affairs (of the student’s primary institution) for an exception to the final withdrawal date.

Additional information regarding withdrawal from the university can be found on the Registration/Records page.


Students who drop courses, withdraw or are administratively withdrawn, suspended or expelled from the Regental system within the drop/add period receive a full refund of tuition and per credit hour fees. Students who drop individual courses after the census date (10% of the class) will not receive any tuition refund. Students who withdraw or are administratively withdrawn, suspended, or expelled from the Regental system after the census date (10% of the class) may be entitled to a refund. Total withdrawal refunds will be based on a percentage of the remaining portion of the semester.

Additional details regarding the Refunds Policy can be found on the Refunds page.

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