BHSU Disability Services

Welcome! It is our mission to provide the comprehensive support necessary in meeting the individual needs of students with disabilities. Doing so is in accordance with Black Hills State University's commitment to provide an equal educational opportunity for all students. We look forward to working with you!

REQUEST FOR DISABILITY SERVICES - New students can make an appointment with the Office of Disability Services for an initial intake meeting. Returning students can call or email to make arrangements to receive your current semester accommodation paperwork. You can contact the Office of Disability Services by calling at 642-6099 or email Jennifer Lucero at the below email address.  

Please note: some Summer terms start right after graduation and move very quickly due to their short time-frame so make sure to contact the Office of Disability Services if you need accommodations for the Summer term.  Visit the Office of Disability Services located on the first floor of Jonas Academic Building, Office #121 at the BHSU/Spearfish Campus or by calling (605) 642-6099 to set up an appointment.  If you are a student that does not attend the Spearfish campus we can do this through a combination of mail, email, and phone contact.

If you are in need of information about facilities and services available to students contact the Coordinator of Disability Services and Testing Center, Jennifer Lucero.

Accessibility Statement:
Black Hills State University strives to ensure that physical resources, as well as information and communication technologies, are accessible to users in order to provide equal access to all. If you encounter any accessibility issues, you are encouraged to immediately contact the instructor of the course and the Office of Disability Services Coordinator - Jennifer Lucero, at 605-642-6099, fax number 605 642 6478, or via email at which will work to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. 

Office: BHSU/Spearfish Campus
Jonas Academic Building, First Floor, Office #121
Phone: 605.642.6099
Fax: 605.642.6478

Black Hills State University
1200 University, Unit 9078
Spearfish, SD 57799-9078

Disability Grievance Procedure

Informal Grievance Process:

Students with questions or a grievance about a decision made by the University related to reasonable accommodations should first communicate with the Coordinator of Disability Services. However, students are not required to complete an informal complaint first; a student can submit a formal complaint at any time. The University and student may agree to resolve any grievance informally at any time during any formal or informal process.


Formal Grievance Process:

A Student or the University may elect to proceed to a formal grievance at any time.

  1. Students who wish to complete a formal appeal regarding accommodation decisions must submit a written appeal letter to the Vice President for Enrollment Management (VPEM) , or designee. Written appeals should clearly define the basis of the appeal and a proposed resolution to the situation. Any relevant documentation should be enclosed with the appeal. The VPEM, or designee will develop an appropriate investigatory process depending on the circumstances surrounding the reasonable accommodation grievance. The VPEM, or designee, will respond to the student filing the appeal in writing within fifteen (15) working days of receiving the appeal.

  2. If the response of the VPEM , or designee, is not satisfactory to the student, he or she has five (5) working days, following the receipt of the response, to file an appeal with the University President’s Office, or designee. All prior written responses related to the appeal be enclosed with this appeal. The President’s Office, or designee will respond to the student filing the appeal within fifteen (15) working days of receiving the appeal. The decision of the President, or designee is final.
*Nothing in this procedure prevents any individual who believes he or she may have been discriminated against from pursuing legal remedies.