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BHSU Parking - Violations & Fines

Areas of Violation

The motor vehicle laws of the State of South Dakota and the rules of common sense and driving courtesy shall be adhered to by all those who operate a vehicle or bicycle on university-owned and supervised property and streets.    

Parking Enforcement

General parking regulations are enforced Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. - 4 p.m. 

However, the following regulations are enforced 24/7: 

3.2B: Fire Lane violation – red curb or posted ($35 fine)

3.2C:  Fire Hydrant violation – parked within 15 feet ($35 fine)    

3.2D:  Parked in front of moveable barricades ($35 fine)

3.43:  Vehicle parked/blocking

3.45:  Blocking Traffic Flow

3.46:  Reserved Parking Only 24/7

3.53:  Handicap Zones ($100 fine)

4.0:    Flagrant Safety Violations (Moving Violations 4.1-4.5)

3.3 Multiple Tickets

The issuance of a ticket for a violation does not preclude the issuance of additional tickets for the same or similar violations on subsequent days or even the same day.

3.4 Parking Violations – Signage

Signs need not be displayed for a citation to be issued.

3.40 Parking Violations

3.41 - Obstructing (partially or wholly) any crosswalk or sidewalk

3.42 - Parked in a loading zone (designated by yellow curb) except when loading/unloading vehicle (10-minute limit)

3.43 - Vehicle Parked/Blocking

3.44 - Improper and No Parking Zones (parked outside designated parking spaces)

3.45 - Blocking Traffic Flow

3.46 - Reserved Parking Only 24/7 – unauthorized vehicles parked in posted spaces

3.47A - Visitor Parking Only. Faculty, staff, or students do not qualify as visitors. 

3.47B - Welcome Center Guests Only.

3.48 - Mopeds/scooters with engines larger than 50cc are not allowed to park on sidewalks

3.49 - Electric Vehicle Parking Only

3.50 Improper or Expired Parking Permit Displayed

Parking in a designated area without the proper designated vehicle parking permit for that area shall be accompanied by a $30 parking fine violation. 

3.51 No Parking Permit Displayed

Any vehicle parked on campus by an employee or student must have a correctly designated vehicle parking permit properly displayed (fully visible from outside the vehicle). Parking on campus by employees or students without a valid permit is not permitted. 

3.52 Counterfeit, Altered or Illegal Permits

Any vehicle displaying a counterfeit, altered, copied, or otherwise illegal parking permit is subject to having the boot immobilizer placed on the vehicle and carries a $100 fine. 

3.53 Handicap Parking

South Dakota Codified Law 32-30-11.4 - Unauthorized parking or stopping in a marked handicap space carries a misdemeanor fine. The owner of any vehicle not displaying a serially numbered certificate, temporary handicapped permit, window decal, or special license plate parked or stopped in a parking space, or blocking a parking space on public or private property designed as “reserved” for a person with a physical disability commits a Class 2 misdemeanor. The fine for this violation is $100. Repeat offenders are subject to being towed at their expense. 

4.0 Flagrant Safety Violations

The following violations will be accompanied by a violation fine and in cases of repeated flagrant abuse, the operator is subject to towing and/or revocation of parking privileges on all university-owned, supervised properties and streets. In the case of revocation of parking privileges, no parking permit refund shall be issued. 

4.1   Speeding over the university speed limit of 15 mph. The fine for this violation is $15.

4.2   Exhibition Driving – Any person who operates on university-owned, supervised property and streets in such a manner that creates or causes unnecessary engine noise, tire squeal, skid or slide upon acceleration or stopping; or that simulates a temporary race; or that causes the vehicle to unnecessarily turn abruptly or sway, shall be guilty of exhibition driving. The fine for this violation is $50.

4.3   Careless Driving – Any person who drives a vehicle on university-owned, supervised property and streets carelessly and without due caution, at a speed or in a manner so as to endanger any person or property, not amounting to reckless driving, shall be guilty of the misdemeanor of careless driving. The fine for this violation is $75.

4.4 Reckless Driving – Any person who drives a vehicle recklessly and heedlessly in disregard for the rights of others or safety of others, or without due caution and circumspection, at a high rate of speed or in a manner so as to endanger or be likely endanger any person or property, shall be guilty of the misdemeanor of reckless driving. The fine for this violation is $90.

4.5 Other Moving Violations – Affronts to the university driving code not specifically mentioned above fall into the category of Other Moving Violations. Specific examples include Failure to Obey a Stop Sign, Driving Around Barricades, Driving on Sidewalks, or allowing a vehicle to be in any area other than sanctioned streets or parking lots. The fine for these violations is $35.

5.0 Other-Vehicle Violations

Vehicles such as ATVs, mopeds, scooters, and snowmobiles must follow the parking regulations and related restrictions outlined above. Vehicle-specific regulations include:

  • Scooters/Mopeds with engines less than 50 cc’s are allowed to park at bike racks that are located throughout campus. It is acceptable practice to access bike racks by driving onto nearby sidewalks via the most direct route possible. It is not acceptable to drive mopeds/scooters on sidewalks from building to building or across campus. 
  • Scooters/Mopeds with engines larger than 50 cc’s are banned from the campus sidewalk system and need to follow the regulations and guidelines pertaining to motor vehicle parking on campus (parking permit required – refer to parking regulation 3.48). 
  • ATVs are allowed to park in established parking lots only. An ATV parking permit is required. 
  • Snowmobiles are not allowed to be operated on university-owned, supervised property.

6.0 Boot/Vehicle Immobilization & Towing Policy

Public Safety uses vehicle immobilizers (also known as boots) as an additional parking enforcement tool. At times, the boot program will be used in conjunction with towing to enforce campus parking policies in a timely manner. Boot immobilizers may be used in the following circumstances:

  • Flagrant/hazardous violations
  • Chronic habitual offenders
  • Unregistered vehicles that have accrued in excess of $120 in parking fines
  • Vehicles that have been banned from campus
  • At the discretion of Public Safety Officers
  • Once applied, a boot removal fee of $50 may be assessed. 

Towing: A vehicle will be subject to towing under the following circumstances:

  • Blocking the roadway or service or emergency vehicle ingress or egress
  • Creating a road hazard or damage to property or grounds
  • Deemed to be abandoned on university property
  • Any vehicle that has had the boot immobilizer in place in excess of three business days without the vehicle owner/operator coming forward 

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