Policies & Handbooks

This page is the definitive source for the most current Black Hills State University policies. Policies duplicated elsewhere might not be the most current version. All policies documented here are the official and supersede any policies posted elsewhere. Black Hills State University is governed by state and federal law, administrative regulations, and the policies of the South Dakota Board of Regents (SDBOR) and the State of South Dakota.

Section 1: General

1:1       Policy Creation

Section 3: Student Life

3:1       Student Code of Conduct

3:2       Campus-Wide Posting

3:3       Service Animal and Assistance Animals Policy

3:4       Public Viewing of Films/Movies

3:5       Sales Policy

3:6       Student Housing

3:7       Student Housing – Over 21 Housing

3:8       Student Not Registered but Assigned Housing

3:9       Free Speech

Section 4: Human Resources

4:1       Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Policy

4:2       Conflict of Interest

4:3       Equal Opportunity & Non-Discrimination Policy

4:4       Employment Background Checks

4:5       Drug Free Environment

4:6       Student Employment Policy

4:7       Title IX & Sexual Misconduct Policy

4:8       Time and Leave Reporting

Section 5: Finance & Business

5:1       Institutional Representation Funds

5:2       Employee Travel

5:3       University Collections

5:4       Membership and Licensure

Section 6: Facilities

6:1       Sale of Alcohol on BHSU Property

6:2       Institutional Sponsorship and Advertising for Gaming and Alcoholic Beverages

Institutional Sponsorship and Advertising for Gaming and Alcoholic Beverages Approval Form

Checklist: Institutional Sponsorship and Advertising for Gaming and Alcoholic Beverages

6:3       Office/Building/Classroom Keys

6:4       Motor Pool and Fleet

6:5       Work Order Requests

6:6       Snow/Ice Safety

6:7       Personal Mail

6:8       Campus Tobacco Policy

6:9       Department Inventory Deletion

6:10    Recycling

6:11    Safety Policies

Section 8: Athletics

8:1       Department of Athletics Disciplinary Policy

8:2       Substance Abuse Policy