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We help students, both past and present, succeed and thrive. When students graduate from Black Hills State, they leave with more than just a fancy seal on a framed diploma. They take away the friendships, fun times, crazy times, hard times, inspirations, opportunities, and challenges they encountered throughout their university career.

The University Advancement team consists of three branches: the Alumni Association, the BHSU Foundation, and the Yellow Jacket Foundation. From helping connect donors and deserving students with scholarships to coordinating alumni events at our Homecoming Swarm Days for both students and alumni to enjoy, we are here to make strong ties that will benefit you.


Success starts with our alumni, donors, and friends like you. By providing valuable support to the university throughout the years, you make it possible for students to have the opportunity to receive an exceptional education. From 2009-2010 there were 404 academic and 198 athletic scholarships awarded. Many students rely on this financial support with 10% of academic and 60% of athletic students receiving scholarships. However, BHSU ranks second to last in the state system in awarding scholarships. Contributions to Black Hills State help to ensure that the university will continue to produce quality graduates and are essential for many students.

Get Involved
Whether it is a small business owner, a 25-year veteran teacher, or a fine art performer, Black Hills State has a rich and proud history of alumni and friends transforming lives at the university and in the community. Stay connected with BHSU and get involved. Whether you want to volunteer your time, join a chapter, attend a game or take in a great performance or show on campus, you will always enjoy your experience.

Get Connected
Alumni and friends of Black Hills State University can also take advantage of a variety of networking and alumni community opportunities including news, events, and more. Check out the BHSU Facebook page and other ways to get connected with us. We are here to answer any questions you have so be sure to visit our contact us page.


  • The Yellow Jacket Foundation was created on to support Black Hill State student-athletes. Since the foundation's inception, contributors have been the driving force in both funding for athletic scholarships and improving athletic facilities.
  • Through various endeavors such as tailgating, auctions, golf tournaments, concessions, ticket sales, sports camps, outright donations, and other events, the Yellow Jacket Foundation funds all athletic scholarships given to Black Hills State student-athletes.
  • Supports athletic facilities and supports the athletic operating budget such as program expenses.
  • The Yellow Jacket Foundation supports the Black Hills State Athletics department by funding the equivalent of nearly 30 full-ride scholarships in support of our 11 athletic programs that participate in NCAA Division II as members of the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference. The current scholarship average for RMAC members is 60 full-ride scholarships. With your help as loyal BHSU fans, the Yellow Jacket Foundation works to achieve this average every day. Please log on to www.BHSUAthletics.com to see the latest news and information regarding all of your Yellow Jacket programs and find out how you can help support the many BHSU Student-Athletes. Discover more information on becoming a contributor to student-athlete scholarships here.




The mission of The Yellow Jacket Foundation is to support Black Hills State and the Department of Athletics by encouraging, receiving, and managing gifts for athletic scholarships, facilities, and operations. The Yellow Jackets thrive on the contributions provided by The Yellow Jacket Foundation.


  • Harvey Krautschun, President
  • Daryl Johnson, Vice President
  • Damian Ederhoff, Secretary
  • Sandra Addy
  • Marla Barnard
  • Beth Benning
  • Tamara Burke
  • Bruce Byrum
  • Priscilla Dressen
  • Judy Dryden
  • Vince Gravelle
  • Gary Johnson
  • John Johnson
  • Kathryn Johnson
  • Craig Katt
  • Les Lindskov
  • Ron Meeker
  • Jim Moravec
  • Wayne Mundt
  • Julie Pechota
  • Roger Risty
  • Charles Sederstrom, Jr.

Ex Officio Members

BHSU President Laurie S. Nichols
Steve Meeker, Executive Vice President
Kathy Johnson, Treasurer
Shauna Junek, Director of Development



  • Established , the Alumni Association is a non-dues based organization that sponsors many events and programs each year that benefit students, alumni, and the university such as the Alumni Awards Luncheon, Swarm Days events, Alumni Mile, Founder's Day Luncheon, Spirit of BH Award, Young Alumni Award, Graduation Rehearsal Reception, various alumni gatherings and reunions, 50 Year Club, Legacy Family Award and the Alumni Art Show.
  • University Advancement, on behalf of the association, maintains address information on more than 17,000 former students. The office acts as a campus information and referral center, where alumni can receive answers to their questions about Black Hills State University. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or you may update your information.
  • Alumni are defined as anyone who has attended the university. Graduates of the university automatically become members of the alumni association upon graduation. Non-graduates become members upon request.



The Black Hills State University Alumni Association's mission is to provide leadership, organization, and planning for effective alumni activities which will contribute to the realization of the goals and objectives of BHSU. The alumni association can achieve this by developing a spirit of loyalty and fraternity among the alumni of BHSU to the degree that alumni will actively support the university in such programs, student recruitment, student relations and projects, public relations, and other timely programs as required to enhance the association and the university.

Lauren Beyersdorf- Head shot
Lauren Beyersdorf, '03
Jodie Garcia- Head shot
Jodi Garcia, '99
President - Elect
"No Photo Available" text
Megan Reder-Schopp, '10
Vice President
Angie Black- Head shot
Angie Black, '02
James Mortenson- Head shot
James Mortenson, '03

  • Melissa Barth
  • Julie Benedict
  • Beth Benning
  • Bill Collins
  • Patsy Custis
  • Kelsie Darling
  • Lori DeVries
  • Penny Doering
  • Elaine Doll-Dunn
  • Susan Dolney
  • Mary Furois
  • Sharon Hemmingson
  • Tom Hills
  • Linda Hughes
  • Jim Knutson
  • Sandy Mattern
  • Holly Mortenson
  • Marcia Olson
  • Susan Proefrock
  • Drew Skjoldal
  • Marc Stacey
  • Larry Vavruska
  • Carol Backens, Emeritus
  • Harvey Krautschun, Emeritus

Ex Officio Members
BHSU President Laurie S. Nichols
Steve Meeker, BHSU Vice President of University Advancement
Tom Wheaton, Director of BHSU Alumni Relations, Executive Secretary
Harvey Krautschun, President of the BHSU Foundation
Ashley Pearson, President of the BHSU Yellow Jacket Foundation


  • The Black Hills State University Foundation was established in 1975 to promote the welfare and future development of Black Hills State University's educational goals. In addition to scholarships, the foundation raises funds for capital needs on campus as well as academic programs.
  • Since the foundation's inception, it has given scholarships to some of the most outstanding students in the school's history. Each student that receives a scholarship from the Black Hills State University Foundation has earned the award through their hard work and dedication to academic excellence.
  • Often after graduation, the students that received the scholarships give back to the foundation providing financial support to the next generation of students who will walk the halls at Black Hills State.



The mission of the Black Hills State University Foundation is to provide private gift support for BHSU. The foundation's purpose is to communicate this to alumni, parents, friends, corporations, and foundations to obtain awareness, understanding, acceptance, and support. The foundation also addresses both the short-term operating and long-term capital and endowment needs of BHSU.


  • Kathryn Johnson
  • Vincent Gravelle
  • John Johnson
  • Les Lindskov, '71
  • Wayne Mundt, '70
  • Tamara Burke
  • Jim Moravec,'79
  • Craig Katt, '75
  • Harvey Krautschun, '72
  • Ron Meeker, '75
  • Sandra Addy, '56
  • Marla Barnard, '81
  • Beth Benning, '73 - Secretary
  • Judy Dryden, '70
  • Damian Ederhoff, '86 - Vice President
  • Daryl Johnson, '68 - President
  • Gary Johnson, '78
  • Julie Pechota, '71
  • Roger Risty, Attended
  • Julie Olson, '90
  • Justin Varland, '02
  • Ryan Wordeman, '07

Ex Officio Members
Shauna Junek, Director of Development
Steve Meeker, '84 - Executive Vice President
Kathy Johnson, Treasurer
Laurie S. Nichols, BHSU President