BHSU Financial Aid - FAQ

Top 10 questions for Financial Aid

What application materials are needed to apply for financial aid and does the university require its own form in addition to the Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA)?

The FAFSA is the initial application for all federal aid programs; In addition to federal aid, BHSU has a separate process and application for scholarships. Both applications may be obtained by linking to


What are the deadlines for submitting financial aid forms?

FAFSA's mailed by December 1 will receive priority consideration for all types of aid. Applications mailed later than December 1 may not be considered for some programs because of limited funding. Further steps will be required of students after the FAFSA is mailed. Responding promptly to any requests for additional information is required to prevent delays in the application process.


When will I be notified of my financial eligibility?

Students who meet the December 1 priority deadline and have submitted all requested documentation should receive an award notice through email by late spring. Those students who apply later in the process should expect to receive an award notice approximately six to eight weeks after submitting the FAFSA.


Will my request for financial aid have any impact on my ability to be admitted to college?

No. Acceptance to BHSU is based on academic standards not financial need. Application for financial aid in no way impacts the admission decision.


Can I fill out the FAFSA electronically?

Yes. Go to Students and parents should obtain FsA IDs prior to completing the FAFSA so you can sign the FAFSA electronically (at least 3 days prior), or you must print out the signature page and send it to the Federal processor at Filing the FAFSA online will reduce your processing time.


Once my financial aid package is awarded, will additional scholarships reduce the amount of financial aid I can receive?

Depending on your federal aid eligibility, additional scholarships can reduce your eligibility for student loans, work-study, and grants other than Pell. Students should not turn down scholarships.


Will your institution meet my full financial need, and will it meet my full financial need for all four years of my attendance?

We will award you the maximum amount we can based on your financial need and the funds we have available. We also will assist you in finding alternative sources of funding if necessary.


Are there state financial aid programs that I should know about?

If you qualify for South Dakota scholarships, please complete the proper paperwork by deadlines listed at Also refer to and key in "state higher education agencies" for state grants.


Does BHSU participate in a tuition payment plan that allows installment payment for each semester's bill?

Yes. Black Hills State University participates in the SD Board of Regents and Nelnet Business Solutions monthly payment plan. Information is available from the Student Financial Services Office at (605) 642-6480.


Where can I find additional sources for financial aid?

Contact: High School Counselors; Veterans' Affairs offices; public libraries; civic groups; religious organizations; fraternities/sororities; or organizations connected with your field of interest. Various web pages also are available to assist you in your search.

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