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Featured Students

What's being said about BHSU's Sociology program?

Sociology students and alumni from BHSU were recently interviewed and asked about their experiences in the Sociology program. Here are some of the things they said...



"I chose BHSU because of the flexibility and availability of BHSU in Spearfish, Rapid City, and also online. I also really enjoy the intimacy of the small classroom size which allows me to form close relationships with both the professors and the students."
Student Shanda Preble

Why Sociology?

"I chose Sociology as my co-major because I find the subject matter fascinating and because I feel like the inequities of the social world are very rarely adequately understood or addressed. The most beneficial part, for me, was the way the program ties theoretical perspectives to issues in our local area."
Student Jim Helleleson

The most beneficial aspect of BHSU’s Sociology program is…

"The great interaction with the professors is definitely the most beneficial aspect. They are always interested in talking about ideas and trying to explain theories. There is also a pretty good variety of Sociology classes."
Student Katie Ness

Sociology internships…

"I recently joined Alpha Kappa Delta and I cannot wait for the interaction and opportunities it is going to bring. Also, I will be completing my internship soon with a Human Services program located in Rapid City, SD. This experience will not only benefit me during the rest of my schooling, but in life as well."
Student Shanda Preble

What did you take away from BHSU?

"I’ve taken so much from BHSU, it would take forever to list everything. I learned that patience and hard work pay off! I learned not to immediately judge things, but to think and study situations. I learned that commonality does not mean causality, which is very important in sociology related jobs. I also learned statistics do matter! As much as I would like to say they don’t, I use them every day."
Alumni Megan Herrick Class of '09

Advice for Sociology students…

"My advice to Sociology students would be to have fun! Take an active role in your learning and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Always keep an open mind and try to maintain cultural relativism when learning about other people’s ways of life. That’s also the biggest piece of advice I could give someone entering a sociology related job."
Alumni Megan Herrick Class of '09

"Don’t always act on your initial reaction. Try and take your own feelings and ideas out of the equation and look at it from all points of view before reacting. There are many different ideas in the world. Also, do not be afraid of the professors, as they are really helpful and fun to talk to!" Student Katie Ness

"Always question your assumptions about the world around you and do not be afraid to ask controversial questions."
Student Jim Helleleson

"Always keep your ears, eyes, and mind open to everything. Completing this program will be a great experience and you do not want to miss anything!"
Student Shanda Preble

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