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Art Club

The BHSU Art Club is designed for anyone and everyone remotely interested in art. The mission of the Art Club is to promote visual art, hold workshops, bring in professional artists, volunteer work, take trips to museums and art festivals such as the Denver Art Week, and get involved in community events. During the year, the club gets involved in promoting art throughout the campus and the Spearfish community. If you have an interest in joining the Art Club at BHSU or for more information, email the Art Club advisor Desy Schoenewies at 

Art Scholarships

BHSU offers a variety of scholarships for both incoming freshmen art majors as well as students continuing their art majors. Scholarship awards are based upon academic standing and a student's commitment to the program. Scholarship applications are available online, with the added option to print. Keep in mind that it is important to get involved in the program and to apply for scholarships early in the semester!

Art Internships

BHSU also offers the possibility of art internships. These internships can be either on or off-campus and are offered in a variety of settings that will appeal to aspiring artists. Faculty and staff can assist you in finding placement with gallery-related work or with businesses in the community that require commercial art skills.

Michael BaumSchool of Arts and HumanitiesAssistant Professor, Art(605)642-6706
Bridget BeckSchool of Arts and HumanitiesAdj - Instr ARTH 100 & 121 
Quintin OwensSchool of Arts and HumanitiesAssistant Professor, Art(605)642-6275
Dustin PriceSchool of Arts and HumanitiesAdj Instr-Art 111(605)718-4073
Desy SchoenewiesSchool of Arts and HumanitiesAssociate Professor, Art(605)642-6104

What is a BFA or Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree? This degree is the ‘industry standard’ for degree-seeking studio artists. Undergraduates with BFAs are admitted into graduate schools with greater frequency as the BFA requires a greater concentration of art courses than other undergraduate art degrees.

What is so unique about Black Hills State University’s BFA in Studio Arts? The greatest aspect of the BFA at BHSU is the fact that we have a comprehensive studio art degree. At many other universities, you have to declare an art concentration early in your course of study, such as in painting, drawing, ceramics, etc. However, many young artists want to explore a variety of fine arts courses as a way to discover their talents in a variety of techniques. The BFA in Studio Art at BHSU allows students takes an ‘arts generalist’ approach. Students are required to take 60 credits in general studio arts courses in a variety of mediums. Then, students are required to take an additional 15 elective fine arts credits- whether in a selected discipline or across other art spectrums.

The ‘arts generalist’ approach establishes a stronger foundation of fundamental art skills while enabling the student to explore many artistic approaches. The student with an arts generalist approach will have a greater sense of which fine arts discipline suits them as they mature in their studies.


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