Science Communication at BHSU

Study Science Communication at BHSU

The brand-new Science Communication Emphasis at BHSU merges science knowledge with mass media skills. From a unique combination of courses, students learn to effectively communicate scientific information to the general public.

With this degree, students will be able to pursue careers related to science in public relations, communication consulting, journalism, science outreach, and science policy.

The Science Communications Program at BHSU offers you:

  • Opportunities to work with science-based organizations throughout the Black Hills.
  • Skills in a field with a growing need
  • Opportunities for jobs and internships with the Sanford Underground Research Facility
  • Outstanding faculty in both the communications and science departments.

Science Communication Emphasis Requirements

  • 4 Science Class/ Lab
  • 4 Science Class/ Lab
  • 3 Science Class
  • 3 Science Class
  • 3 MCOM 151 Intro to Mass Communication (gen ed)
  • 3 MCOM 161 Graphic Communication
  • 3 MCOM 265 Basic Photography
  • 3 MCOM 331 Video Production
  • 3 MCOM 351 Web Design
  • 3 MCOM 430 Media Law
  • 3 MCOM 485 Science Writing

Take one of the following:

  • 3 MCOM 210 Basic Newswriting
  • 3 ENGL 379 Technical Communication

Take one of the following:

  • 3 MCOM 494 Internship
  • 3 MCOM 468 Integrated News Lab I

We are updating the 4-year plan for our Bachelor's degree in Science Communication. To set up your individual 4-year plan, please meet with your advisor or contact Janette Hettick at or (605) 642-6934.