About the E.Y. Berry Library

The E.Y. Berry Library was built in 1973 and is nearly 50 years old. Education has changed significantly since the construction of the library. The structure is in need of an upgrade to keep up with the demands of current education methods and the future of learning.

What's Being Added

A large addition to the second floor will be made to provide more space for students and a great view of beautiful Spearfish and Lookout Mountain. Under this addition, there will be an outdoor café seating area for students to enjoy. A new open staircase and a west entrance to the library will also be added. 

A Student Success Center will be open for anyone who needs it, providing professional advising, tutoring, the Math and Writing Assistance Centers, discrete study spaces, and the IT Help Desk. A Career Center may also be added as a part of the Student Success Center.

A collections/archives area will be created for better organization. Along with these changes, there will be a major infrastructure upgrade to the library, including upgraded HVAC, electrical, lighting, and fire sprinkler systems, better data and technology, greater accessibility, and electronic doors.

Information and forms for donating to the renovations will be found here. We are currently accepting donations to the library renovation project to help fund new furnishings and state of the art technology. All gifts, regardless of the size, are important to the library project.

Download printable donation form here: Pledge Form

Naming Opportunities

When progress on the renovation begins, this is where you can find all updates, news, and related events.

Library Renovation Pledge Form

BHSU Contacts

Randy Culver

Associate Vice President for Facilities & Sustainability


(605) 641-8152

Kathy Johnson

Vice President for Finance & Administration


(605) 642-6512


Steve Williams

Williams & Associates Architects

Kevin Huse

Ratio Architects

Board of Regents Building Committee

  • President Nichols, BHSU
  • Executive Director, SD Board of Regents
  • John Bastian, Board of Regents Member
  • Stacy Watters, State Engineer

University Building Committee

  • Scott Ahola, Library
  • Fred Nelson, IT
  • Amy Fuqua, Deans
  • Aaron Bauerly, Library
  • Janette Hettick, Advising
  • Hans Nelson, Career Center
  • Priscilla Romkema, Provost
  • Randy Culver, Facilities
  • Kathy Johnson, Administration
  • Jeff Winter, Faculty/Math Center
  • Jodi Gabriel, Staff Senate
  • Hannah Neumiller, Student Senate