ENGL 101 Final Exam Articles and Instructions


Below you will find links to the articles for your final exam for ENGL 101.  Please remember that you can bring the following with you:

  • Copies of these articles
  • Notes taken on or from these articles
  • Your Penguin Handbook
  • A dictionary

While these materials are acceptable, pre-written essays and works cited pages cannot be used.

Good luck!

Here are the readings and their locations:

1. Alternet provides a critical view of advertising in the pharmaceuticals industry:

2. Science Daily (January 5th, 2008) summarizes research that shows that the pharmaceutical industry in the USA spends much more on advertising (sales) than research:

The purpose of the research is stated: “to argue in favor of changing the priorities of the industry.”

3. David R. Gutknecht’s “Evidence-Based Advertising? A Survey of Four Major Journals” (published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine) examines the usefulness of the advertising in medical journals to doctors:

4. Dominick Frosch’s “Creating Demand for Prescription Drugs” is an important study, but the abstract and introduction may be all the student needs. The bibliography includes valuable, related studies:

5. Thomson Reuters and NPR teamed up for this healthcare poll to see what consumers believed about the effects of pharmaceutical advertisements on them: