Workshop Series


Writing Center In-class Workshops


FACULTY:  The Writing Center is available to lead in-class workshops on writing skills and conventions.  Workshops can be tailored to fit 30-, 50-, and 75-minute blocks.  In addition to these topics, we are available to lead small-group peer review workshops for your classes either during class time or during a scheduled session in the Writing Center. 

We are also available for short classroom visits to discuss the Writing Center mission and the services we offer to students. 

STUDENTS: Select from the topics listed below, or submit a request for an individualized workshop.  Workshops can be tailored to fit individuals or small-groups of peers or classmates.

  • Great Expectations: Producing College-Level Writing
  • Brick and Mortar: Crafting Foundational Thesis Statements
  • Making Amends:  Proofreading and Editing Strategies
  • Every Minute Counts: Writing Essay Exams
  • Prove It:  Writing the Argument
  • Between the Lines: Writing the Literary Analysis (Poetry or Fiction)
  • The Terrible Trifecta: Correcting Comma Splices, Sentence Fragments, and Run-ons
  • The (Un)Reliable:  Identifying and Evaluating Sources for Academic Writing
  • Academic (Dis)Honesty: Avoiding Plagiarism
  • He Said/She Said: Documenting and Incorporating Sources in APA or MLA