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1. I got a ticket - now what?

Don’t panic, and don’t ignore it! You can pay your parking fine at the Public Safety Office in Woodburn 124. Excessive or ignored parking tickets subject the permit holder\vehicle owner to having a boot-immobilizer attached to your vehicle. Holds on your financial account are also possible which will prevent refunds, registration, and graduation. Tickets issued in error that fall outside of the Parking Rules and Regulations are subject to void on a case by case instance. Come talk to us, we are more than willing to discuss the circumstances and arrive at a mutual outcome that works for everyone. The Public Safety Office is located in Woodburn 214.

2. Where do I display my permit?

BHSU parking permits are designed to hang from your rearview mirror facing outward. In the rare occurrence that your mirror does not support this location, our parking enforcement employees are instructed to look on the lower left-hand side of your front dash as the alternate location. We encourage you to check your permit occasionally to ensure it is indeed displayed.

3. I have parents or guests who want to visit. Where can they park? 

University Street along the East side of the campus is reserved for visitors only. Special parking permits may also be obtained for your guest at any time by stopping by the Public Safety office and providing vehicle information prior to the arrival of your guest. Inquire if a permit may be obtained for your guest. 

4. Do I have to purchase a 2nd permit if I use more than one vehicle?

The short answer is no. BHSU permits are attached to the individual (permit holder) first and the vehicle second. This means if you intend on parking a different vehicle other than the one you initially registered you may place your parking permit in the non-registered vehicle. However, to assist us in our job, please register all vehicles you may park on campus by calling, stopping by, or emailing the Public Safety Office. PLEASE NOTE: It is always your responsibility to ensure that whichever vehicle is parked on campus that it has a valid BHSU permit displayed. 

5. Do I have to buy a new permit if I switch residence halls?

No. If you move into a different hall or off-campus while attending BHSU, bring the old permit to the Public Safety office and we will gladly switch your valid permit to fit your parking needs. 

6. Do you have any job openings in Public Safety?

Yes! If you are interested in Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice, or if you simply want the experience, please apply. The Public Safety office has highly experienced officers that are very excited to mentor you while you progress through your education to a diverse and exciting career. We offer a unique environment on campus that works with the public on many different levels. If you are interested, stop by to speak with us and drop off a simple resume that lets us know who you are, what you’ve been up to, and what your goals are. We look forward to meeting you! 

Note: for a complete list of BHSU parking regulations, please refer to the Parking & Traffic Regulations pamphlet available at the Public Safety Office