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Why should you get involved?

Enhance your college experience by getting involved in one of the many clubs and organizations on campus. Becoming involved will give students many opportunities to meet new friends, work with faculty and administrators, and develop skills that prepare students for a career after graduation.

Through involvement you will:

  • Learn about time management skills
  • Experience multicultural and diverse programs
  • Develop and hone your leadership skills
  • Motivate yourself and others
  • Acquire knowledge in problem solving and contract negotiations
  • Enhance your effective communication skills
  • Develop career networks
  • Gain a sense of self-worth through task accomplishments
  • Practice productive delegation
  • Have FUN!

How do you get involved?

All you need to do is review the many organizations and specify which groups interest you. Then fill out an interest form. It's that easy!


If there is not a group that interests you, or you have an idea for a new group, you may create your own organization. For more details, the Student Organization Policy Manual is a complete handbook for student leaders explaining how to start up a new organization and become recognized as well as how to be an effective organization on campus.