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BHSU's Institutional General Requirements were officially eliminated.
For students in the 2016 academic catalog, the general education requirements have been reduced by 11 credits. Total credits needed for graduation remain the same so additional elective credit may be necessary. This change does not apply to students in earlier catalogs.

The changes are:

  • Students no longer need WEL100 and WEL 100L
  • Students need two social science courses instead of three*
  • Students need two arts and humanities courses instead of four*
    *Courses must be from different disciplines and still include a globalization course.

Students who have not completed their general education requirements may find it advantageous to move forward to the 2016 catalog. Their major and minor requirements would also move forward.

Gen Eds - effective Fall 2017 -updated May 2023

Gen Eds - effective Fall 2016 and forward | Gen Eds - prior to Fall 2016

Contact the Registrar's Office at (605)642.6092 and Woodburn 103 for more information or to change catalog year.