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What are the income benefits of increasing higher education attainment?


When I graduate, from where do I receive my degree?
Graduates receive their diplomas from the institution of their degree program. The diploma is the same as having completed a program on campus.

How can I start taking courses at BHSU-RC?
Make an appointment with Admissions@bhsu.edu

Can I start my undergraduate degree at BHSU-RC?
In addition to the 24 programs you can complete at BHSU-RC, some students take general education and introductory courses for other degrees and finish the remaining courses on the Spearfish campus. All courses at BHSU-RC are fully transferrable to other Regental schools and out of state schools. Please contact BHSU-RC at 605.718.4112 with questions. 

How does the cost of attending BHSU-RC compare to a home campus?
Students attending BHSU-RC will pay tuition and a semester parking fee. No other fees are assessed at BHSU-Rapid City.

How do I choose the right program for me?
Please contact BHSU-RC at 605.718.4112 with questions.