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Business Services

There are a variety of business services at your disposal. From mail services to business cards, you have what you need to do what you want.

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Reserve a Room

Fill out a form below to reserve a room for your event, meeting, and whatever else you need!

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Academic Services

BHSU provides a variety of Academic Services to meet the needs of students, staff and faculty across the campus.

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Information & Instructional Technology Services

IITS works collaboratively with faculty, students, and staff to leverage technology to advance and support BHSU’s delivery of education, development of research, and engagement of students.

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Human Resources

The Human Resources Office serves as a liaison to insure that the relationship between BHSU and its employees is respectful, fair, and consistently supportive of the overall mission of the University.

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Facilities Services

BHSU Facilities Services provides maintenance and care of all buildings on campus, oversees the BHSU vehicle fleet, and handles additional work requests.