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Start Your Career in Geography

Geography is exclusively offered as a minor at BHSU. This minor is complementary to students majoring in both the natural and the social sciences. Geography is the study of What is there, Why is it where and Why we should care. It is a discipline that teaches students specific methodologies for thinking about and managing the vast amounts of data we now can access. Students learn to apply spatial approaches to solve problems in a broad array of areas, such as history, science, sociology, politics, and more. Students develop a mental map of the global community, a better sense of the spatial relevance of physical environments, and the ways our species interacts with the world at large.

Students with a Geography minor can find careers in cartography and GIS mapping, environmental consulting, climatology, conservation, history, outdoor education, and more. Many choose to work for non-profit agencies. Geographers are actively engaged in solving problems around the world today.

The Geography Minor at BHSU offers:

  • Hands on application in labs

  • Training in industry leading Geographic Information Systems software

  • A developed understanding of both physical and human geography

  • Broad foundational knowledge of the world at large

  • Credit for study abroad experiences

**Current students, please refer to the DegreeWorks Dashboard in MyBHSU to confirm your minor requirements.**


Environmental Consultant
Planning / Development Surveyor
Emergency Management Planners
Conservation Officer