Program Completion Timeline

The Master’s of Science in Strategic Leadership is designed as a 33 credit hour graduate degree program to be delivered online over 6 semesters.  The program of study is designed to meet the graduate education needs of working professionals interested in advancing their careers in the service industries as well as individuals serving in the military with plans to be employed as civilian leaders upon completing their military service. Consequently, the MSSL graduate students will enroll in 6 credit hours each semester to best accommodate their full time commitment to the military or current employment situation.

Year One

The first semester will focus on the MSSL Learning Goal 1:  Examine role models and apply theories to design a personal leadership development plan as the foundation coursework for the Master’s of Science in Strategic Leadership.  Students will enroll in two of the required core courses: SLDR 710 Leadership and Innovation: Lessons Learned and SLDR 728 Levels of Leadership.

The second semester of the MSSL program of study will concentrate on developing ethics and human relationship skills to address Learning Goal 2:  Promote the use of collaborative and ethical problem solving methods.  The graduate students will enroll in SLDR 740  Leading Change: Ethics & Social Responsibility and  SLDR 748 Social Change & Diversity during the second semester.  

During the third semester which will occur during the following summer term, MSSL students will have the opportunity to complete 2 electives in their particular area of interest.

Year Two

The fourth semester will occur during following fall term and will focus on the MSSL Learning Goal 3: Use  research methods and critical analysis skills for strategic planning.  Students will enroll in SLDR 752 Strategic Decision Making and 1 elective course during this term.

The following spring semester will concentrate on Learning Goal 4: Encourage professional growth in self and others and Learning Goal 5: Communicate professionally, verbally and in writing.   During the fifth semester, MSSL graduate students will enroll in SLDR 695  Practicum and SLDR  775 Mentoring for field based experiences to apply theory to practice.

The final term will occur during the second summer and will focus on Learning Goal 5: Communicate professionally, verbally and in writing and Learning Goal 6: Envision and develop a strategic plan.   At this point in the MSSL program of study, graduate students will enroll in the capstone course SLDR 770 Visioning: Strategic Planning and concentrate on completing the culminating project.

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