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Theater is made up of many areas of career specialization. These areas include (but are not limited to): acting, directing, scenic design, costume design, lighting design, makeup design, sound design, technical direction, stage management, and publicity. Each area of career specialization has its own set of required crafts.

In addition, within each area of specialization are various trades, requiring specific sets of skills. These trades include: carpenters, scenic artists, property master, master electricians, light board operators, sound board operators, costume shop managers, tailors, deck managers and more. 

Each student has the opportunity to choose, and become proficient in, one area of career specialization and to acquire one or more set(s) of trade skills. This combination will enable the student to pursue career and job opportunities in community, college and professional theater. Additional opportunities are available in scenic shops, costume shops and television studios; civic centers, auditoriums and event planning organizations.

What about Graduate School?

Our comprehensive curriculum was developed with graduate school in mind. The curriculum covers a breadth of topics while also allowing for in depth study in areas of interest. Each student creates a portfolio highlighting his or her area of specialization and develops and presents a senior capstone project in the area. These are designed to be used as submissions to graduate programs.

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