BHSU Young Center



Beginning June 1st, we will be re-opening the Young Center with limited operations. This includes the fitness center areas only for member, staff, and community use. With the hard work of our university and facility services staff, we will be providing all appropriate supplies and procedures to ensure safety for all. The following information provides Young Center hours of operation, along with further details for what to expect.

Young Center Hours of Operation

  • Weekdays – 6am-6pm
  • Weekends 8m-12pm

Young Center Operations

  • Main entrance access only (by Lyle Hare Stadium)
  • Hand sanitizer at front desk and fitness center entrances
  • Restrooms open only – Locker rooms will remain closed
  • All surrounding venues will remain closed
  • Staffing – Main front desk and upstairs fitness center desk
    • One spray bottle and towel provided for each fitness center guest
    • Additional instructions will be provided for use
  • All areas will be properly cleaned and sanitized by custodial staff throughout the day
  • It is strongly recommended to follow safe social-distancing practices during your time in and around the Young Center (Thank you!)

Fitness Center Capacity

  • 10 person maximum allowed in fitness center upstairs
  • 16 person maximum allowed in varsity weight room
  • Please, feel free to call ahead to check on capacity – 605-642-6096
  • These numbers will be possibly be adjusted per recommendations through June


  • If you do not wish to restart your membership, please let us know ASAP so we can ensure your membership dues/dates are not restarted.
  • All memberships will be prorated based on your previous expiration date and the Young Center closure duration. We will honor all punch passes, week passes, and certificates. Please, ensure you have your parking passes visible inside your vehicles.
  • Prorate example #1: If member had an annual membership
    • Add 77 days to their membership end date (March 15 – June 1)
  • Prorate example #2: If member had a random end-date
    • Add prorated amount of days to their membership end date
    • For example: If end-date was April 10th, take 16 days from March and 10 days from April for a total of 26 days, and add it to June, so the new end-date would be June 26th.

Fitness Membership

1 Mo.

6 Mo.

12 Mo.

Adult $35 $175 $315
Youth $25 $125 $225
Senior $25 $125 $225
BHSU Faculty & Staff $20 $100 $180
Family (Max. 2 Adults) $55 $275 $495
Additional Members $10 $50 $90


Aquatics Membership

1 Mo.

6 Mo.

12 Mo.

Adult $35 $175 $315
Youth $25 $125 $225
Senior $25 $125 $225
BHSU Faculty & Staff $20 $100 $180
Family (Max. 2 Adults) $55 $275 $495
Additional Members $10 $50 $90

Combo Membership

1 Mo.

6 Mo.

12 Mo.

Adult $45 $225 $405
Youth $35 $175 $315
Senior $35 $175 $315
BHSU Faculty & Staff $30 $150 $270
Family (Max. 2 Adults) $65 $325 $585
Additional Members $10 $50 $90

  • Membership Age Groups:
    • Family membership includes children up to age 18.
    • Senior membership begins at age 62.
    • Young membership ends at age 18.
  • Guest / Day Pass, Week Pass, and Punch Card:
    • Guests may use the facilities by purchasing the following
      • A day guest pass for $5. They must keep the pass with them. 
      • A week pass for $15.  This is good for 5 uses in 7 days.
      • A punchcard pass for $25.  This is good for 7 uses in a 3 month time frame.
  • Young Center ID:
    • All 6 and 12 month members receive a photo ID and parking permit. Present the ID at the desk to use the facility. The parking permit is required to park in the Young Center lot from 7:00 am - 4:00 pm.
    • 1-month members receive a card that must be presented at the info desk to use the facility.
  • Payment Options:
    • An automatic bank deduction payment plan is available. Inquire at the desk.
  • Lockers:
    • Lockers are available on a 1-day basis with items not left overnight. You must provide your own lock. For overnight use, locks are permitted on small lockers only in the first set of locker rooms. Locks are not permitted on lockers in the 2nd set of locker rooms as access is not permitted during BHSU athletic events. All items must be removed annually from the lockers for cleaning. Signs will be posted in advace to which dates the cleanings will occur.  Locks will be cut and items left in the lockers will be removed. BHSU is not responsible for lost items.

Policies to use the Donald E. Young Center Facilities:

  • Items Not Allowed:
    • No food and drinks are in the classrooms, swimming area, gymnasium, field house or fitness center.
    • No animals, bicycles, skateboards, scooters, strollers, or inline skates are allowed in the building.
    • No black sole shoes or running shoes are allowed on the gym floor. Court shoes are required.
    • No smoking. The use of any tobacco products is not permitted in the Young Center at any time. The Young Center is a smoking and tobacco free building. Alcohol/drugs are not permitted in the Donald E. Young Sports and Fitness Center at any time.  
  • Children:
    • Children are welcome at the Donald E. Young Sports and Fitness Center. However, those children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian of at least 14 years of age.
    • For their safety and the safety of others, children will not be allowed to run loose throughout the building.
    • Children, who act in a disorderly manner and who are unsupervised by their parents, will have the parents called and asked to have the children removed from the facility.
    • Children under the age of 13 years old are not allowed to workout in the Fitness Room unless they have been approved by the Fitness director, Robert DiBonto to use the facility with their parent/guardian.
    • For the safety and well being of themselves and others, young children are not allowed to run through or wander around the Fitness Center room.
  • Membership Cards and Parking:
    • Membership photo ID cards must be presented at the Information Desk upon arrival in the Center.
    • Lost Donald E. Young Sports and Fitness Center membership ID cards will be replaced at a $5.00 charge to members.
    • Parking permits are required if you park in the Donald E. Young parking lot from 7:00 am until 4:00 pm and are provided free to members.  
  • Lockers, Lost and Found, and Paging:
    • Items stored in Lockers should be secured with a lock. Overnight storage will be allowed only if registered at the Information Desk. The Donald E. Young Sports and Fitness Center is not responsible for lost items.
    • Lost articles are kept at the Information Desk for a short period of time to be claimed. Donald E. Young Center is not responsible for lost items. Please use public lockers for your possessions.
    • Members will be paged to the phone in emergency cases only. We cannot page during class times, but we will make an attempt to find the person. Phone messages are kept at the Information Desk.  
  •  Other Policies:
    • Each individual area has specific policies and procedures for use. Users are expected to know these policies before using the facility.
    • MP3 players, IPOD’s, and personal cassette/CD players are welcome. Boom boxes are not permitted in the facility, except during athletic team practices.
    • Showers are required before entering the swimming pool. Showers are located in the swimming pool locker rooms.
    • Violations of facility policies, rules, and/or regulations are subject to disciplinary action and forfeiture of facility use privileges. Violators will be referred to the appropriate university officials and/or the university police.

BLACK HILLS STATE UNIVERSITY - BHSU, its employees, and others are not responsible for any damage or personal injuries facility users may receive. BLACK HILLS STATE UNIVERSITY - BHSU is not responsible for any loss of property in the Young Center. It is recommended that no valuables be left in this facility. FOR MORE INFORMATION - Call the Donald E. Young Sports and Fitness Center at 605.642.6096.

Pool Rules

  • Please shower before entering the pool. Users must wear a clean bathing suit.
  • Any child under the age of 8 must be accompanied in the water by a parent/guardian of at least 14 years of age.
  • Any child under the age of 5 must have a parent or guardian in the water with them at all times.
  • Please walk while on the pool deck. Please reframe from climbing on each other.
  • Please reframe from eating or drinking, chewing gum or using tobacco products in the pool area.
  • Use of a personal swim gear:
    • Snorkels are prohibited.
    • Use in the small pool only:
      • US Coast Guard approved lifejackets (not provided) that fit properly and water noodles (not provided) may be used in the small pool only.
      • Use of barbells is restricted to children in swimming lessons.
    • Noodles that belong to the Young Center are for adult water exercise only.  Personal noodles are allowed in the pools.
    • No hitting others (or the water) with noodles.
    • No throwing balls at each other.
    • Inflatable tubes, waterwings or floats are not US Coast Guard approved flotation devices and can easily start to deflate, therefore the use of these types of devices is not allowed.
    • Outside balls or toys are allowed in the pools at the lifeguards discretion.
    • Only lap swimmers may use kickboards while lap swimming.
    • Aqua joggers, pull-buoys, fins, and other training equipment may be used, but only as they were intended.
    • Use of masks is restricted to swimmers who can jump in or submerge from the surface with a mask in their hand, place it on their face, clear it and return to the surface without any water in it.
  • No swimmer with open sores, infection, or contagious disease may use the pool.
  • No hanging on the rim of the basketball hoop. You must be in the water to shoot the ball.
  • Diving is allowed in the deep end of the large pool.
  • Swimmers in the deep end of the large pool may be asked to take a swim test at the lifeguard's discretion.  The swimmer must swim the length of the large pool, swimming the front-crawl, successfully without stopping. One must be able to swim a modified front-crawl, from the lane rope to the wall without stopping to occupy in the shallow end of the big pool (if cannot touch).
  • Adults and seniors may swim laps in the large pool or exercise in the small pool during lap swim.
  • Youth may swim laps if accompanied by a parent/guardian. Rec swim is for all ages.
Lap Swimming Etiquette
  • Several people (as many as 8), can fit in a lane if proper etiquette is observed and swimmers of like speed are together.
  • Circle swim is preferred with 2 or more, swim down on the right, back on the left. Enter feet first from the shallow end.
  • The best way to pass is at the wall. A light touch on the foot can signify this. Lifeguards may ask you to change lanes.
  • Lap lanes are for lap swimmers only. Water exercisers are encouraged to use the small pool.
  • Youth may swim laps if accompanied by a parent/guardian.
Pool Closure

The pool will close whenever there is a fecal or vomit contaminate. The pool closure will last approximately 12 hours providing enough time to superchlorinate and backwash. This procedure meets the guidelines of the State Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources. This process will remove the contamination and provide a safe environment for our users. We apologize for the inconvenience, but want to provide the best quality water possible for our users. The pool may close during severe thunderstorms and lightning (if power goes out), tornadoes or severe weather warning.

Water Temperature & Ventilation
  • The operation of the pools in the Aquatic Center must meet the needs of a diverse group of users. To meet this goal, a middle of the road approach has been selected for water temperatures. The small pool is approximately 92º, large pool is 83º and air temperature is 85º.
  • Water temperature affects several aspects of pool use. Probably the most notable is comfort. Exercise rate, length of time in the water, body type and rate of metabolism all come together to tell each of us what is ideal. Lap swimmers enjoy cooler temps than recreation swimmers. Teens tolerate cooler temperatures than youth or seniors.
  • Water temperature also plays a part in the life and action of chemicals in the pool warmer waters require more chemicals and increase the corrosive action with metal parts. Control of the temperature is done with a heater much the same as your home system, other than it is circulated from the pool to the heater and back. The pool temperature can be raised one degree each six to eight hours depending on the air temperature. Temperature loss is directly related to air temperature in the Aquatic Center and the outside air temperature. During summer and winter regulation of the air temperature is fairly easy. During spring and fall, when campus boilers are off, outside air temperatures during the day are 65-80º and the night temperatures are 40-50º, problems are created.
  • Ventilation is needed to protect the building and it’s users from moisture and chlorine. The outside air needed for ventilation cannot be heated and creates cold locker rooms and pool areas that make wet skin really cold. During this period we know that it is not an ideal situation, but we must work with the building design to provide the most ideal environment.
Special Equipment

The Dolphin Safetytube Waterslide can be used in just three feet of water so even the youngest swimmers can enjoy the excitement of the eight-foot ride. No water activation is required with the Dolphin, a wet bathing suit works great! The slide is semi-portable, so may be used in the small or large pool.

The AquaTrek Ramp lets people of all ages enter and exit the pool with ease. The handrails provide excellent stability. There are non-slip safety strips on each tread and platform. The ramp is considered capable of holding approximately 600 pounds. The ramp was approved for purchase by the City of Spearfish. The DEY Center is a beta-test facility for the first AQ-9000 Aqua Trek Ramp that will be compliant to the width requirements for the new ADA Accessibility Guidelines that are scheduled to go into effect in 2003. It is because of the DEY Center’s request for a 36” wide ramp that the managing director of Rehab Systems, LLC. sped up the process of research and development of this new product.

Pools Renovated - The Young Center swimming pools were closed for major renovations during the summer of 2006. The entire mechanical system for the pools were in need of immediate replacement. The filters were beyond repair and needed to be replaced for the optimum safety for our pool users. Problems with the filtering system have caused periodic unscheduled closures of the pools during the last year. The new state of the art equipment includes an enhanced monitoring system.