BHSU Young Center


The Donald E. Young Center at BHSU offers more than exceptional fitness facilities.  Along with the largest collection of exercise equipment in the region, a field house with a walking track, and an Aquatic Center with lap lanes, the Young Center provides personal exercise prescriptions with a certified trainer and classes taught by wellness students. 

Built in 1990, the Young Center continues to be the hub of the Black Hills State University Campus. The only building of its kind in the immediate region, it is designed to serve the needs of the university and the greater Black Hills community.

The Donald E. Young Sports and Fitness Center is a 172,000 square foot sports and fitness complex. The Young Center accommodates simultaneous use of its recreational and educational components by students, university personnel, and the public. 

The Donald E. Young Center houses:


  • 8,000 sq. ft. fitness center
  • 18,000 sq. ft. gymnasium with 2 college size basketball courts, 6 baskets and 3 college size volleyball courts with 3,800 seating capacity
  • 58,000 sq. ft. field house with a 200 meter 6-lane track (8 laps = 1 mile), bat/golf cage and 3 tennis courts, and 6 basketball backstops
  • Aquatic center with a 6-lane, 25 meter pool and a separate therapeutic pool
  • Athletic fitness room, athletic training room, varsity and community locker rooms
  • Dance floor and concessions
  • ROTC headquarters
  • Academic classrooms with audio and video capability and the Hall of Fame meeting room. 
  • Wireless Hot Spots
    The Donald E. Young Center is equipped with several wireless hotspots for your convenience to access the web.  They are located in the lobby area on 1st floor, the Hall of Fame room, and the hallway on the 2nd floor. 

The Young Center is available for both BHSU students and community members who have a Young Center membership. Become a member today!

The Donald E. Young Sports and Fitness Center is available to rent. Have your Birthday Party at the Young Center. The $50 fee includes 1 hour of swimming and 2 hours of a party room for 10 participants. If you have more than 10 swimmers, the fee is $5 for each additional swimmer.

For more information about the Donald E. Young Sports and Fitness Center, contact Assistant Director Brock Anundson at 605.642.6882.

Lost and Found

If you have lost an item during an event at the Young Center, please contact the front desk at 605-642-6096. Lost and found items can be identified and collected at the Young Center front information desk during regular business hours. Any items not claimed after 14 days will be considered abandoned and will be donated.



Beginning July 13th, we will be extending the hours of the Young Center to standard summer hours as noted below. Additionally, the pool will be opened on a limited basis, as also noted below. This includes the June 1st opening details regarding the fitness center areas only for member, staff, and community use. With the hard work of our university and facility services staff, we will be providing all appropriate supplies and procedures to ensure safety for all. The following information provides Young Center hours of operation, along with further details for what to expect.

  • Young Center Hours of Operation
    • Weekdays – 5am-8pm
    • Weekends 8am-5pm
  • Young Center Operations
    • Main entrance access only (by Lyle Hare Stadium)
    • Hand sanitizer at front desk and fitness center entrances
    • Restrooms open only – Locker rooms will remain closed
    • Staffing – Main front desk and upstairs fitness center desk
      • One spray bottle and towel provided for each fitness center guest
    • All areas will be properly cleaned and sanitized by custodial staff throughout the day
    • It is strongly recommended to follow safe social-distancing practices during your time in and around the Young Center (Thank you!)
  • Fitness Center Capacity
    • 10 people maximum allowed in fitness center upstairs
    • 16 people maximum allowed in varsity weight room
    • Please, feel free to call ahead to check on capacity – 605-642-6096
  • Field House
    • Indoor Track and Court Use Only
    • Limited volume allowed
    • Please, feel free to call ahead to check on capacity/availability – 605-642-6096
  • Gyms
    • Must be scheduled use (BHSU Activities Only)
    • Limited volume allowed
  • Pool
    • Starting July 13th
      • MWF 5:15am-7am and 11:15am-12:45pm
      • Closed July 29 and 31
    • Aquatics only or combo memberships available
    • 6 people maximum allowed in large pool (1 per lane)
    • 5 people maximum allowed in small pool
    • Please, feel free to call ahead to check on capacity – 605-642-6096
    • Locker rooms are closed; bring items with for before and after usage
    • Only main entrance open – swipe access cards when arriving (by pool office)
  • Memberships
    • Membership note: Beginning August 1st, we will be restarting all memberships, if we have not heard from you. If you have already communicated your restart, hold, or cancellation details, you are all set! Please, contact the front desk or myself if you have any changes to make.
    • All memberships will be prorated based on your previous expiration date and the Young Center closure duration. We will honor all punch passes, week passes, and certificates. Please, ensure you have your parking passes visible inside your vehicles.
    • Prorate example #1: If member had an annual membership
      • Add 77 days to their membership end date (March 15 – June 1)
    • Prorate example #2: If member had a random end-date
      • Add prorated amount of days to their membership end date
      • For example: If end-date was April 10th, take 16 days from March and 10 days from April for a total of 26 days, and add it to June, so the new end-date would be June 26th.