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Have a question for BHRS? We have an answer! Check out these Frequently Asked Questions. If you do not find an answer to your query, please feel free to send an email and ask away!

How does the Black Hills Research Symposium define research?

  • The word research is derived from two Old French words: (1)re- expressing intensive force + (2)cerchier- to search. Research is thus any systematic activity designed to produce new knowledge, including new ways of understanding and viewing the world.

  • BHRS is an academically inclusive event that values the variety of methodologies human beings use to produce knowledge. Thus any of the following activities (and more) are included in our conceptualization of research:

    • Natural science

    • Social and behavioral science

    • Mathematical science

    • Literary works, including original works and literary analysis

    • Artworks, including visual, auditory, and performing arts

    • Whatever you're probably working on right now! If you aren't sure, please email the current BHRS Chair and ask.

Who can attend the BHRS?

  • We especially encourage submissions by student researchers, but the BHRS welcomes research submissions from throughout the Black Hills region.

  • The BHRS is also open to the public, so if your interest is simply to come and learn from presenters at the symposium we welcome your attendance!

Would BHRS accept works-in-progress?

  • Absolutely! We welcome work at any stage of the research process, but always be sure to indicate this when you submit the abstract to the Apply to BHRS abstract submission page.

Is BHRS a research competition?

My research involves human subjects. Do I need to get approval from the BHSU Institutional Review Board?

My project is a poster. Where do we get posters printed for the BHRS?

  • We would love for you to submit your poster. If the poster is not yet printed or is printed in dimensions that do not match those of NCUR (42 inches by 36 inches), then BHRS will work to help you get your poster printed.

Can I submit multiple projects?

  • Yes. However, please be sure that these projects are distinct and not simply permutations of the same work.

Are groups of researchers able to present at BHRS?

  • Absolutely! Collaborations are a valuable part of research, so groups are encouraged to present their work at the BHRS.

How do I volunteer at the BHRS?

  • We do have a few volunteer opportunities at the BHRS, but these are mainly reserved for faculty and other experts who serve as volunteer judges. If you are not participating in the event, the best way to volunteer is to help us spread the word and encourage people to submit research and attend the BHRS. Follow us on Facebook and share information about our event with your friends and colleagues!

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