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The summer aid application is available in the Financial Aid Office (Woodburn 114), at BHSU-RC, or

You must complete the 2020-21 FAFSA using tax information at and the summer aid application to be considered for summer financial aid. Please contact the Financial Aid Office at to find out what aid you might be eligible to receive based on your summer enrollment.

Check out these Courses

Small Business Management BADM-334 (5/26-7/17)
This course applies business policies and procedures to the small business environment. As such, it is designed for students contemplating management or ownership of a small business. Topics include the nature of the entrepreneur, financing and ownership options, marketing, government regulations, taxation, inventory control and other relevant business functions.

Women in Literature ENGL-248 (6/22-7/17)
This class will provide a 4-week sampling of the rich body of women’s writing, focusing on representative examples from the nineteenth century to the present. This course will examine women’s literature through various thematic lenses:  women and the body, madness, violence, marriage, motherhood, gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, aging, love, anger, power, and agency. Interrogating the social construction of gender and its influence on writers, characters, and readers, the course will both explore the lived experience of women and examine societal expectations of women and the roles they have been assigned throughout history. Get ready for women’s art from Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper” to contemporary texts like Beyonce’s “Lemonade.”

Immunology BIOL-422 (5/26-7/17)
Immunology and immunochemistry, mechanisms of immunologic injury, and their application to clinical immunobiology. Serological techniques for detecting and measuring the presence of antigens or antibodies in specimens and production of immune serum.

Computer-Based Technology & Learning (5/26-7/17)
Prepares students to integrate computers into the curriculum by exploring the evolving uses and expectations of technology as a teaching and learning tool. Course objectives based on ISTE standards.

Environmental Law and Politics SUST-730 (5/26-7/17)
Graduate-level course, but advanced undergraduate students may be able to take the course for Independent Study. The class focuses on the major environmental laws, legal decisions, and international agreements that provide for clean air, water, and land, clean up pollution, protect wildlife, and regulate greenhouse gas emissions. Citizen activism and environmental movements will also be discussed.


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 Summer Courses Are Online Only

Due to social distancing, Black Hills State University will offer summer courses by remote instruction only. Black State University is committed to keeping our students, faculty, and staff safe and healthy. Stay updated with official notifications related to the coronavirus situation through the COVID-19 page.

Dates & Deadlines

1st 4-week session: 
May 11 – June 5
Last day to add: 5/12/2020

2nd 4-week session: 
May 26 – June 19 
Last day to add: 5/27/2020

3rd 4-week session: 
June 22 – July 17
Last day to add: 6/23/2020

6-week session: 
May 26 – July 2
Last day to add: 5/29/2020

8-week session: 
May 11 – July 2
Last day to add: 5/15/2020

8-week session: 
May 26 – July 17
Last day to add: 5/30/2020

10-week session: 
May 26 – July 31
Last day to add: 6/1/2020

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